[5 days only] Intuitive Angel and Ascended Master Readings


A few days ago I shared what’s been happening in my “world” since the 8th of July … to say it has been a visit to the dark side is quite an understatement.

Thankfully, I now have my laptop back re-built and re-created from the inside out … you know what … I feel the same! All the “old stuffing” has, literally, been removed!

Over the weekend, I “asked” about how to help you or someone you know to go get what they want and need with soooo much less stress and struggle … here’s the guidance … in celebration of being, in essence, re-born …

… for a very limited time — Intuitive Angel And Ascended Master Readings for only $97, a fraction of my regular fee of $247 … that’s a 60% savings.

Benefits from an Intuitive Spiritual Reading:

*Personal messages from your Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and / or Spirit

*A sense of knowing that you are never alone

*Practical “Down to Earth” tools, tips and proven techniques to help you take that next step

*Start of deepen your connection with the Angelic Realm and Spirit

*Getting clarity about how to easily dissolve obstacles

*Different ways of seeing and experiencing challenges, transforming them into blessings

*Confirmation and validation for guidance you are already receiving

Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions you can ask …

*Business opportunities

*Job related – promotions, is it time to look for a new job

*Is the path you’re on, the right one for you

*Financial Prosperity

We’re still in an “8” year for the next few months which is all about …
… Financial prosperity and abundance
… Getting out of the never-ending infinity loop of struggle and dealing with obstacles that seem to always pop-up just when things are starting to go your way
… The Law of Magnetism: where your focus goes, so does your energy — positive or negative … what you give out or project is what you get back tenfold

Got questions? Get answers. Click here; book your private Intuitive Reading right now and claim your spot.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,
Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … These Intuitive Angel and Ascended Master Readings are a way to help you or someone you know get answers, confirmation, and clarity about where they are and how to get to where they want to be with more grace and ease and LESS stress and struggle! Why do it the hard way … it’s truly no fun and is often quite frightening. Click here to save 60% for a private 1:1 Intuitive Reading Session … this offer of $97 is only good until July 31st … then it’s back to $247.


When “shift happens” then what?

When “shift happens” do you …

… curl up into a ball and hide in a dark corner

… go off the deep-end emotionally

… threaten to quit and maybe you do “quit” for a short period of time

… wonder why everyone else is manifesting their dreams but you aren’t

… question guidance because things didn’t turn out the way it was “supposed” to

… feel like everything is falling apart all around you

… feel like you’re all alone

I have done all of those things more than once and it wasn’t pretty!

When “shift happens” you can ride it out and hope for the best or you …

… take a step back, honoring what you are feeling

… go deeper within taking time to look at how far you really have come compared to where  you started

… be willing to let go of everything and everyone (clients, friends, family, colleagues) who are no longer a match to where you are going

… purge the clutter in your mind, heart-center and in your physical environment

… take a day trip giving you space, giving you a different perspective on things

Then what? You start where you are, pick-up the pieces that weren’t really broken to begin with. And the pieces that are truly broken … you send  them as much love and forgiveness as possible  and you start again at a higher level than you were before “shift happened.”

When you decide to start on your Spiritual Path, there are so many issues that come to the surface for healing and releasing.

It’s also about surrendering in trust and faith, giving up fear and doubt.

When “shift happens” you have a choice of going backwards where it’s safe or taking a deep breath and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

That’s what is happening for me this summer … intense transition and transformation … taking consistent, massive action is what makes “shift happen” in every area of your life.

Summer is a good time to re-evaluate your programs, who you are attracting, the path you are on and of course your fee structure.

I want to work with more women and men who want to make a huge impact in their life, the lives of their families and clients AND who want to get their message out in a bigger, more powerful way because they are tired, frustrated and down-right finished running that “whoa is me” wall that stops 80% of the world’s population.

It’s all about tapping into your inner-intuitive guidance and being willing to take a risk on you to create your life and business your way.

Shift is happening all around us every moment of every day. The big question is … are you “shifting within” or are you listening to all those negative “whoa is me” messages in your head, courtesy of Ego-chitter chatter?

My Angelic Board of Directors, my Angel Dream Team, has been guiding me to blend my business expertise and my Spiritual Path. This is how or why the SpiritualPreneur Summit and eventually the online magazine are a part of my path.

I am making a huge leap and re-evaluating my own financial structure and I want to give you a hand-up.

Beginning July 21st — that’s just 11 days from today — my fees are going up by 70%.

My coach thinks I’m crazy for NOT doubling my fees because he knows the transformational value that my clients can and do achieve working with me.

When you step-up, showing-up more powerfully for you, your business, you’re honoring you and your dream of financial freedom … AND … creating space for your community to do the same.

It is about increasing your capacity to become consciously aware of the limitless opportunities all around us.

This is just a sliver of what I teach my high-end clients — awareness of core issues keeping them from achieving financial goals — and how to harness their internal power to create a more prosperous and reality for themselves and their families.

Everyone grew up with hearing how bad having a lot of money is. there’s a new TV show filled with negative role models both rich and not-at-all rich alike. I had to turn it off it was so vile!

Money is a form of energy. Money is power. When you control your own financial destiny, you have the power to re-write  your current reality.

Whether you’ve been a part of this online community for a while or you’re fairly new, it’s no secret I’m all about energy … channeling it … shifting it …  purging it and re-defining it in ways that support you, your dreams and your path .

What I do for you, I do first for myself. It’s not to walk your talk. You must step-up into the fullness of the person you crave to be and talk your walk.

And because I talk my walk, I’ll feel energetically out of balance if I do not get compensated at the level that is congruent with the life-altering possibilities you can create for yourself.

Here’s your personal invitation for a Complimentary Exploration Session. Click here now to get started.

Like I said earlier I am giving you a hand-up … my fees remain where they are for the next 11 days.

AND … I’m accepting a limited number of students into the exclusive Angel Dream Team Coach Certification program. The investment for this six-month 1:1 intensive goes up significantly starting July 21st.

Before the “whoa is me story” starts with all the reasons why you can’t … where else can you “buy into” a Franchise Business opportunity that helps you see and take advantage of your unlimited potential?

Oh yes … there are payment programs to help those who are ready to take a risk on themselves and their dreams and accept the hand-up they are being offered.

These prices are no “drop in the bucket” I totally get that so to be sure this is the right fit for you — our working together — click here for your 1:1 Complimentary Exploration Session and I’ll happily answer ALL your questions like what can happen for you.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


What I had to give up to control my financial destiny

Everyone has a story  …

… once upon a time my life changed. That’s not true … it was literally turned up-sdie down and twisted inside-out beyond recognition.

One Wednesday afternoon 5 years ago, I was facing a very uncertain future. Thankfully, there was little time to fall-apart. Instead I chose to embrace the extra day off from my day job to get ready for a trip I was taking in 2 days.

Six weeks earlier I agreed to be a vendor at a new age fair in Odessa, Texas which was a half-day journey East of El Paso.

So on July 30, 2010, I set out a new adventure as a full-time entrepreneur. After I arrived in Odessa, checked-in to the hotel, the next step was to unload my “packed to the brim” car and set-up my booth of oils, bath salts, lotions and crystals.

During that weekend I focused only on being at the new age fair. I hadn’t even told my parents that I was on my own after working for a Federal Agency for more than 9 years. It could wait, really didn’t want them worrying about me more than they already were traveling by myself.

I was away from home, family and friends facing an uncertain future … and … that Sunday was my birthday.

The fair organizers found out it was my birthday and managed to have all the readers and vendors sign a card and gave it to me on Sunday, August 1st … I was born on a Sunday and so the path was revealing itself one step-at-a-time.

In some ways it hardly seems like it has been 5 years and in other ways this journey has been a lifetime in the making.

Within 45 days of this new adventure, I was hosting my first live-event. I didn’t really have $400 to invest in the venue but I couldn’t’ not do it either. The event was International Angel Day.

Getting ready for this event, Jane, my assistant at the time, said to me … Terrie Marie I need something to market you? Talk about deer in the headlights — market me? What the hell? — “well, my friends and clients call me the Angel Lady, is that something you can market?” Yes and we moved forward.

Time for my first ever live event … I was terrified … would anyone come, would I break even? … thankfully, the answer  yes and yes!

Then one day, email promoting a telesummit of some kind appeared in my email in-box. I took a chance and invested $47 in a paid program about how to write articles and start earning some money. There were done-for-you templates included as a bonus for signing up.

Well, I already knew the templates were going to be useless because Angels and their messages don’t fit into templates … they just don’t. But I felt guided to take this course. After all I didn’t know anything about writing articles.

Up to this point, the only things I had written were resumes and reports for my former bosses. I was still channeling Angel messages every day and emailing them my personal email account.

My head was swimming with all the different elements and steps to writing and then I was supposed to be doing this two to three times a week and post to my blog!

Blog? What was that? Where did I get one of those? Somehow I figured that out and on September 29, 2010, I posted my very first article on my very first blog. Talk about a labor of love and sheer determination … 10 hours later my blog and article were live!

Here’s a re-cap of the first 6 months of being in business for myself, flying, walking and sometimes crawling by the seat of my yoga pants …

*hired my 1st webmaster

*wrote and posted articles 3 times a week

*designed and built my 1st online store

*gave live Angel workshops in El Paso

*gave Angel Readings and energy healings for $47 an hour

*sold Angel and chakra oils, body lotions, bath salts and crystals

*traveled to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show by myself, investing $3,000 I didn’t have to start my in-home crystal shop

*invested in a content marketing program

*starting making videos for YouTube

*wrote and emailed weekly newsletters, promoting my blog and Angel workshops

*created my 1st free give-away to start attracting and building an online community

Gross income for the first 6 months was $13,000! Holy Crap! I was working 12-14 hour days, the learning curve was like climbing Mount Everest and it felt like I was still at basecamp just getting out of the &%$#$ tent!

Fast forward to today and I am blessed to have been guided to the right coaches and had the support of friends and family.

I still remember the day I told my parents about being on my own and my Mom said … “Maybe it’s time you went full-time.” Tears welled-up in my eyes  …our relationship had been bumpy at best so to hear my Mom say something supportive and encouraging was very unexpected.

It would be a flat-out, bold-faced lie if I told you it’s been easy of smooth every step of the way. it has been a journey of intense inner-growth, sleepless nights, tears, many Dark Nights of the Soul and lots of doubt about being able to make it on my own.

Here’s what I gave up along the way …

… limiting beliefs about being Spiritual and wanting to be financially prosperous

… what other people think and feel about me and the decisions I make

… the naysayers and everyone who accused me of not being Spiritual because I was “selling Angels”

… my own “whoa is me” negative money story

… taking the snickering personally about my fees

… staying in the shadows and playing small

… fear of being seen

… trying to help the masses

We all have stories around money and why it is so damn (excuse my language) hard to manifest, figure out our purpose and do what we came here to do.

Am I where I want to be? I am getting closer every day. I make no excuses nor defend myself for what I want and the impact I desire to help others make in their life AND to be very well compensated financially!

Here are three things you can do to change your financial awareness right now:

#1 – Make a list of every negative thing you ever heard and feel about money.

Before we go any further, it’s not about blame or judgment. I heard things like … money doesn’t grow on trees … who do you think we are Rockefeller’s … rich people are snobs they only care about themselves …

#2 – Stop telling whatever “whoa is me story” you are telling anyone who will listen … including yourself.

Every time you repeat a story about how — broke you are … no one will hire you …can’t find a job … can’t get out of a bad relationship … how hard it is to get clients, etc … — the more you are living your “whoa is me story.”

I used to do that … and … when I’m really tired, running into an energy wall or at that take another leap of faith place, I catch myself starting to tell a worn-out “whoa is me story” and as soon as I recognize that, I start turning it around!

#3 – Start a Gratitude Journal

Every day write out — don’t just say it or think it to yourself — 10 to 15 things you are grateful for right now and do this every single day! When you focus on what you do have, you raise your inner-vibration to seeing differently and changing your point of attraction.

I’m re-structuring my pricing and I want to give you a hand-up. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to work with me to jumpstart financial prosperity and freedom in your life and business … then the 90-Day Prosperity Makeover may be the right fit for you.

Or maybe you’ve thinking about becoming Certified Angel Dream Team Coach so you can start helping others connect with their Angel Dream Team.

My fees are increasing 70% in 14 days. I can “hear” it now … but Terrie Marie your programs are already expensive and now you’re gonna raise them?

Expensive compared to what … a life-skill of breaking through the glass ceiling pf self-sabotage and limiting beliefs and being able to earn and manifest 10, 20 or even 30% more a year than you are right now?

Here’s a modest example of what could happen: let’s say your yearly income is $40,000, a 10% increase is $4,000 …

What about the Certified Angel Dream Team Coach training? You could start teaching and coaching others how to activate their Angel Dream Team as an Angel Coach and get paid to do it!

The average summer course at the University level is $2,000 and it doesn’t give you a marketable skill. Angel Dream Team Coach Certification is a six-month 1:1 intensive AND you’ll have a marketable skill at the end!

I get it, these private 1:1 programs are a significant investment in you and in your future. What we’re really talking about are life skills that can catapult you and your potential earning power sooner rather taking years.

Because I want to give as many women and men just life a hand-up, there are payment plans available.

If I can go from not having a clue to making it on my own … so can you.

Don’t know about you … BUT … I love saving money AND getting the biggest bank for my well-earned dollars!

If you’re like me, even a little bit, you’ll want to be sure of what you’re getting, how it can really help you and get ALL your questions answered. I get it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So let’s connect, get all your questions answered to see if this is a fit for you. Click here to book a Complimentary Exploration Session with me.

To be clear, this needs to be a “fit” for both of us because I only work with people who are committed to a better life themselves and their families.

There are only 14 days left to cash-in before the 70% increase begins.

Please do take advantage of this opportunity click here for your Complimentary — no obligation — Exploration Session.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


[online training] How to define your vision

What’s your vision for your …

… life

… business

… purpose

Hello <firstname> it’s Terrie Marie — you probably already knew that — and if you want help to define your vision with laser focus … join me for a BRAND NEW online training on Thursday. Click here to sign-up.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m going to reveal …

… How your personal Angelic Board of Directors can help you identify subconscious core issues that keep you hiding out and playing small.

That alone is worth the price of admission … your undivided attention and time. Click here to claim your spot.

“See” you on Thursday!

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … Did I mention this is a BRAND NEW online training to Define Your Vision using your personal Angelic Board of Directors? Click here now to register.


Give Me 3 Hours and I’ll Give You Immunity from …

… your biggest and most pressing challenge, fear or issue.

That is a rather bold, in your-face statement … BUT … it is absolutely true!

In 3 hours you’ll be able to accomplish three things:

#1 – Peel back the curtain of the core issue that has been renting space in your head and ultimately getting in the way of growing or starting your business, attract more and enrolling more clients and customers into your programs and services

#2 – Stop the struggle of trying to figure out why no matter what you do, you just can’t quite move past what’s blocking you from taking your life and business to that next level of happiness, success, health and prosperity

#3 – Once you’re able to link the fear or challenge to the right core issue, you’ll be able to heal and experience a sense of freedom unlike anything you have ever experienced before

Everyone has a core issue that literally causes ripples to show-up mentally, emotionally, energetically and Spiritually in every aspect and facet of their life.

This one core issue isn’t what you think it is … it never, ever is!

It’s what you do about the never-ending cycle of fear, self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that matters.

If you’re able to get to that place where you could heal without blame or judgement, would be of value and life-changing for you?

Set me Free Saturday™ has already had major impact in the lives of everyone who has been through this unusual and highly effective formula. Click here to get started right away! Or you could just keep doing what you’re doing.

When you face the lion on your pathway, you completely neutralize the death-like grip that your core issue has on your dreams, goals and living your purpose full-out and all-in.

Join me for an unforgettable, life-altering experience. Don’t just take my word for it, click here and check out what Frank from Australia has to say about how he feels after his Set me Free Saturday™ experience.


How to turn your biggest challenge into your most valuable asset

Before we get into the nitty gritty of turning your biggest challenge into your most valuable asset …

… what are you top 3 challenges?

Okay now that you have just rattled off a couple of “things” that popped into your head … take a deep breath and go below the surface.

What are the three things, issues or fears that challenge you the most?

A few days ago I shared some of the deepest, darkest fears that used to trip me up at every turn just when it seemed that I had finally “turned that corner.”

Here they are again in case you missed them …

… not being able to make it on my own

… Ego, my human-self would become “full of herself” about connecting with Angels so easily and effortlessly

… wanting, but not getting approval for who I am and what I do from family and friends

… being seen as a fraud

The next email was all about embracing your shadow self through forgiveness and unconditional love.

Once you identify your biggest challenge, turn to face that lion on your pathway, embrace and heal it, it then becomes your most valuable asset.

Let me explain how this works … being able to fully embrace your complete self — even the dark parts you don’t want anyone to know about — sets you free.

How does that set you free? So glad you asked!

When you are no longer consumed with or confronted by a fear or issues, you are now free to channel all that amazing energy into …

… attracting more clients and customers

… better relationships or improving the ones you have

… increasing cash-flow

… connecting with your Angel Guides

… trust the guidance and messages you are getting

The more fully you are able to show-up, the easier it is to fulfill your purpose. When you fulfill your purpose, everyone benefits!

I have a very special gift for you — 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps — it’s a Free Report that I’ve created just for you to help you get a jumpstart on dealing with that “one thing” that keeps you from really having the success and prosperity that you want. Click here now to get your Free 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps Report!


the Ugly Truth About Your Shadow Self

The unvarnished truth and nothing but the truth about your Shadow-Self is …

… it never leaves you

… it will always sneak up behind you and sucker-punch you

… causes trouble when you least expect it

… causes you to doubt your worth and value

… and the list goes on and on and on!

Think of your Shadow Self in this way … it’s the very same thing I tell my High-End clients to help them totally get it.

Imagine you are outside on a beautiful sunny day. Now look down at the ground.  Do you see your shadow? Okay, now try to run away from it.

It is simply not possible no matter how hard or fast you run … there it is … right?

So what can you do if the shadow part of who you are today is getting in the way of who you want to be in the present and in the future?

Simple. This is not easy AND it isn’t for the faint of heart either.

Stop running away from who you used to be. That beautiful — hurt, inner-child — helped you get to where you are right now.

Okay, so stop running and turn to face all of you with an open heart, an open mind and open arms. Now close your eyes and embrace you all of you with forgiveness and unconditional love.

That’s the ugly truth and how to heal those shadow parts of yourself you’d rather no one knew about and wish you could forget ever existed!

So the next step is discovering how to turn your biggest challenge into your most valuable asset.

Here’s a very special gift for you — 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps — it’s a Free Report that I’ve created just for you to help you get a jumpstart on dealing with that “one thing” that keeps you from really having the success and prosperity that you want. Click here now to get your Free 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps Report!


At Last, the Secret to Healing Your Deepest Fear is Revealed

What is your deepest, darkest fear?

I’ll tell you a few of the deepest, darkest fears that used to run my life and my business …

… not being able to make it on my own

… Ego, my human-self would become “full of herself” about connecting with Angels so easily and effortlessly

… wanting, but not getting approval for who I am and what I do from family and friends

… being seen as a fraud

So what’s the big deal, everyone has issues, challenges and problems … right?

Well … the big deal is this … anyone of the issues that I shared with you filled me with such fear that I wasn’t able to trust my own inner-guidance or the messages I was receiving from my Angel Guides.

How awful to have such an amazing and powerful connection with Angels and to be filled with so much fear that I doubted nearly everything, especially my own natural intuitive gifts to help others.

The first thing I just had to do was figure out how to heal this “stuff” at the deepest levels possible.

It was like there really was no choice because I had said “yes” to discovering my true purpose and then living it full-out and all-in.

I read book after book, did the exercise and it helped … but … there was always the “left over” feelings and thoughts.

I still hadn’t gotten it all … yet. UGH!

So what’s the secret? It is a combination of meditation, journaling and writing letters, lots and lots of forgiveness letters.

There is something very cathartic about being able to fully express everything you feel in a safe and sacred environment.

In the beginning, I didn’t really believe this simple and unusual formula really worked. That thought created doubt which only delayed the results I so desperately wanted and craved.

The biggest secrets are …

… trust

… faith

… belief

… surrender

So, take a page or a few pages from my personal Angel Lady handbook and silence Ego-chitter chatter with love, forgiveness and compassion.

I have a very special gift for you — 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps — it’s a Free Report that I’ve created just for you to help you get a jumpstart on dealing with that “one thing” that keeps you from really having the success and prosperity that you want. Click here now to get your Free 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps Report!


are you in or out?

For the past few days, I’ve been sharing case studies and my own inner-journey with you, and introducing my BRAND NEW half-day intensive — Set Me Free Saturday™ — with you.

If you have already signed-up, I am so excited we’ll be connecting and working together!

If you’re still on the fence, it’s time to hop off because time is running out on the one-time special savings of 50%. The very next time — 30 days from now — Set Me Free Saturday™ will go from only $47 to $97 … that’s quite a savings for a proven … my proven formula that defeats the nasty gremlins that live in your head rent free!

No matter where you are right now in your life, no matter what you’re facing, there’s a way to cut through all the negative Ego-chitter chatter, get to the core issue and face that pesky-voice in your head.

Don’t just walk your talk some of the time … talk your walk in a way that silences the shadow par of you that is determined to keep you in the “stay stuck zone” of fear and doubt and playing small.

This is your last chance to get in on this BRAND NEW half-day intensive — Set Me Free Saturday™ — before it costs you more than just a few more dollars.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … Yes, this is half-day intensive — Set Me Free Saturday™ — is going to be offered again so you might think there’s no rush I’ll catch it next time. That’s totally fine with me. Just know that you’ll be paying double AND the cost of not taking action now, means you’ll be allowing fear and doubt AND that pesky-voice in your head to keep taking up space … the same space you could be using to connect with Angels or to take that next step … click here and take the leap of faith with me … I’ll be there to help you find the stones for your feet or help you get your wings!


[case study] How fear of the unknown kept Mandy in the dark

Today I’d like to share a case study with you <firstname>. it’s how one beautiful Soul, Mandy, allowed the fear of the unknown to keep her in the dark and disconnected from the Angels.

Mandy (not her real name) wanted desperately wanted to connect with Angels for guidance and the messages she craved. No matter what she did or tried, she just wasn’t getting the kinds of results she wanted and the worst part was, Mandy didn’t understand why.

She was so frustrated that she began to feel there was something wrong with her or maybe Angels didn’t want to connect with her. And that just made things worse.

Then as fate — or was it Angelic Guidance — would have it, Mandy stumbled across one my many Angel articles on my Blog.

We started working together and in less than 60 minutes, it became crystal clear to me that more than wanting to connect with Angels, Mandy was absolutely terrified of opening up and letting negative energy and dark, shadowy entities into her energy and she didn’t know how to handle that.

The 1st step we did together was to accept this fear as a truth for her. It was a false truth, but it was a truth.

The 2nd step was call-in Angels to heal this false belief that had terrified Mandy for more than 20 years.

The 3rd step was setting the intention that only positive, high-vibration Spirit Guides and Angels were allowed to connect with her. As we did this, I could sense Mandy’s energy shift even though there were more than 3,000 that separated us physically!

From that moment on, Mandy felt safe and protected knowing Angels were always with her and she was able to connect to receive the guidance and messages whenever she wanted.

Find out how you can clear the blocks that keep you or someone you know from connecting with Angels.

Is there something that keeps pulling at you, blocking you at every turn no matter what you do to break free from the negative self-talk that keeps you in the “stay stuck zone”?

Join me this Saturday for a half-day intensive — Set Me Free Saturday™ — click here now and check it out before time runs out … the clock is ticking … tick-tock … tick-tock …

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … The Angelic Testimonial Special — my gifting you $50 upfront in exchange for a fabulous and powerful testimonial — ends at midnight tonight. Click here right now while there’s still time. This special offer will not come round again.


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