Yes or no? Intuitive Card Reader Workshop?

Something I have been thinking about in the back of my mind for a few years now … Workshops: Angel Card Reading – OR – Tarot Card Reading? If this is something you’d be interest it in .. Type Angel, Tarot or Yes in comments.


Are you consciously and Spiritually aware of …

Who you are? I mean really are below the surface of what others have been telling you and programming you to believe you are?

The messages you’re missing out on? You know those little bitty wisps of thoughts, images, and those soft nudges that are probably getting by you?

What next step to take to really raise your vibe so you’re a match to what you want?

How to fine-tune your dreams so that you can really take your believing in you to the next level?

What triggers your conscious mind into spiraling backwards when things are going really good for you?

This is what we’re tackling in Energy Portal One, how to Stand in Your Power, Spiritual and Empowerment Energies

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How you do energy is …

How you do everything. Wow that sounds rather dramatic … right?

Okay so here’s the nitty-gritty of that … how you do energy is how you do everything …

If you’re not in a good ‘mood’ neither is your energy.

If there are a million-kazillion thoughts running round your head, and most of them are not in your favor … meaning, tearing you down, trashing your dreams and just talking ‘smack’ to you, well, that’s not a good thing.

The ‘noise’ in your head is the energy barometer … that gauge you can measure just how easily you’re getting to where you want to be OR just how much ‘trash talk’ there is in your way.

This is where the ‘energy hits the road’ and you get to choose whether or not you’re gonna stay in this stuff or you’re going to take a deep breath and choose to get out of your own way.

K … that sounds good but how do you do that exactly?

*raise your vibe

*ask clear questions

*set specific intentions

*use affirmations the right way

*protect yourself from negative energy

#1 – If you want to know more about how to do this and what you can do to protect yourself check workshop out

#2 – Ready to raise your vibe … not the gonna take hours kinds of ways, but ways that you can easily raise your conscious awareness so you don’t get blind-sided?

#3 – Plus some really cool, life-changing bonuses that keep working for my clients for the past 13 plus years?

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Stop turning you off!

Do you know what happens when you ‘ask’ for guidance … answers … messages … and even to manifest something you really, really want AND then that naggy voice inside your head starts up?

It … that ‘voice’ that is desperate to control you, your finances, your vibe, your relationships, and even manifesting your dreams of getting what you asked for and more …. Yup, turns everything to mush.

Mush? Seriously Terrie Marie?

Yes, beautiful Soul, mush. It’s like a BIG filter that everything goes through before it gets to show up in your life.

Everything goes through a process of ..



*prayer or meditation

*believing ‘it’ is already yours

*opening to receive

And then … delay, or the wrong things start showing up or nothing happens … It’s like having a faucet, that has been clogged for such a very LONG time.

That’s what ‘turning off’ is .. a series of thoughts, emotions, visualizing and affirmations and then … wait for it … wait for it … wait for it …

OH! There’s a bottle-neck turning everything into mush as it passes through very teeny-tiny screen of what your conscious mind allows you to actually have …

Want to get rid of that teeny-tiny filter that screens everything?

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Hello beautiful Soul,
I have this chef friend who blogs about the keto/Paleo lifestyle and adds keto friendly recipes to his blog weekly. If keto is something that interests you, he has a no cost booklet titled Top 10 Tips for Starting the Keto Diet.

It is a brief overview to some of the questions you might ask when first starting down this journey. Your can visit his website at where you will find an sign up form on the top right of the page. Just fill in your name and email address and the booklet will be in the return email
When you get your booklet you will be offered a chance to get Chef William’s ketogenic diet book that goes into much more details and is packed with more information such as The difference between simple and complex carbohydrates, Reducing Carbs to Induce Ketosis, Evaluating macronutrients in Ketosis and much, much more.
I asked the chef if my friends could get a special discount and he agreed to a 10% discount for a limited time. You can grab this important keto guide at the reduced price by using code KetoGuide where it asked for a code at check out. I don’t know how long the chef will leave the code there so this would be a good time to get a copy

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So what did you come here to do?

Do you ever wonder, I mean really, really wonder what the heck you’re doing here especially if you feel like you haven’t really ever ‘fit in’ no matter how hard you’ve tried?

I can remember as a small kid, thinking there was something really wrong with me because I wasn’t anything like anyone in my family … never mind not having friends or if I did, it didn’t last long.

Even in High school, I’d get super bored with things, people … yeah, not very nice to say but it’s true.

It’s like I could tell within just a few minutes, hours or at the most a couple of days that ‘this’ just wasn’t going to work.

Being on my own, by myself, making up stories about ‘other places’ was about the only time I really felt ‘safe’ and ‘at peace’ … being away was my secret garden … I’ll bet you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you <<first name>>?

Want to change that? You know, how it feels to be you in this world where you’ve been labeled ‘different’ and be totally okay with that?

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Did you know this?

Recently, like just a few days ago really, there was a Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse and before that, just a few days before that there was the Lion’s Gate 8/8 … all very powerful energy portals.

If you’re like a lot of people who are sensitive to energy, you probably felt a lot of push and pull within you and around you.

This summer has been a real crazy energy ride. I’ve felt it and so have many of my clients. I even did a couple of livestreams on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube … did you see them?

You know, everyone has ‘stuff’ going on in their lives and it affects literally everything else … relationships, work, business, friendships and their inner vibe too.

Want to get the real deal on how to flip the Vibe Switch?

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Are you protected?

Your Angels and Spirit have something special for you  … it’s a protection shield from free floating energy that your physical body attracts like a magnet and then holds onto it like it’ll die if it lets go.

Letting go is exactly what you learn how to do … yes, you got that  … you heard it … you’ve done it .. I get that.

Did you know that there is more to it than you’ve been told?

Well, there is more to it. This is just one thing I want to share with you … Angelic White Light Protection and to work it … really work it so you’re always protected AND there’s more than a few ways to do that.

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Are you getting your messages?

Is it easy for you to give but not so much on the receiving side of things?

For most of us, it’s soooo much easier to give than to receive.

BUT … when you refuse and even decline what’s being offered, you’re really telling Spirit and your Angels, you do not want to receive what you’ve asked for.

Right? That sounds like it’s all full of B.S.

Well, turning down, turning away, shunning and flat out refusing an opportunity, a gift of lunch or coffee, or taking time to raise your vibe is exactly that .. B.S. Karma getting in the way.

Turning away is another way to totally miss messages, answers and guidance you ask for every single day.

Want to turn that around and in your favor?

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Do you do this?

So real quick today …

Just yesterday and even a little this morning, my vibe was a little ‘low’ … not my usual ‘high flyin’ vibe’ self.

Sure there are reasons for this … health issues with my 88 year old parents, the Planets, Solar Eclipse and  powerful New Moon doing their ‘energy thing’ … you feel it don’t you beautiful Soul?

The being pulled, pushed and maybe even stretched to the point of energy overwhelm?

It doesn’t help that soooo much is happening all around us because it makes things on the inside kinda go ka-fluey, creating imbalance and then poof! You’re out of alignment!

So then what? How do you get your energy-self out of that stuck in the muck feeling?

*Not sure just how to raise your vibe and keep it there

*What to do and when to do it, and know that it really does work

*How to feel okay in your skin, even when you don’t

Want to raise your vibe and start seeing, hearing and sensing messages, answers and guidance more clearly?

So many beautiful Souls ask her — Terrie Marie, how do I figure out what my purpose really is? I have an idea, well, I think I do, but how can I know for sure?

It all starts by peeling away the layers of energy that keep getting in the way …

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