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Balance. Harmony. Focused Intention. + Spheres 10% off Sale ends soon

Balance. Harmony. Focused Intention.

There’s something very comforting every time you hold a Sphere. Whether it is for clarity, healing or reconnecting with that sense of Oneness.

Spheres are magickal in ways that other shapes (and *I* love them all!) just don’t quite connect with you.

Stilbite Heulandite

Iridescent  ‘crystal flowers’ just below the surface. Soothing colors and shapes gift you the right energy for your dreams, imagination and visions.

Dreaming is one of the key pieces to ‘seeing’ what is possible for you, your life, business, and relationships.

Chevron Amethyst

Opening your Crown Chakra is another ‘piece of the manifestation’ puzzle, helping you tap into your Higher Consciousness and your Guides.

Crown-Heart-Soul Alignment brings all things into focus, so that you ‘see’ differently, clearly and connect with those somewhat elusive insights.

Orca Agate

Communication. Determination. Persistence. All things needed to move towards what your heart desires most.

Instead of ‘moving away’ from what you don’t want, focus on your inner vibe, do the ‘work’ in ways that make it easier to accept you are worthy of everything you truly desire.

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As Unique As You Are Treat Yourself

Our Collector’s Gallery has exceptional Crystals for discerning Crystal Lovers, like you, beautiful Soul. treat yourself.

As unique as you are. Uncommon Crystals now on sale.

Rare. Distinctive. Unusual. 

Colors. Shapes. Energy.

Everything that’s now behind you, has brought you to where you are, helping prepare you for where you are going, what you will be doing, experiencing and manifesting.

High Vibe Crystals = Higher Vibe Life

Golden Quartz: Tangible Manifestation. Insights for Your Visions.

Golden Quartz: Tangible Manifestation. Insights for Your Visions.

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Magickal Lemurian Aquataine Calcite

Deep Blues symbolize the Oceans, Rivers, Streams, and Lakes. Blue is the color of emotional healing, tapping into your Throat Chakra, communication, seeing differently, and going with the flow of energy rather than fighting with your inner-self.

The beautiful Browns symbolize your connection to Mother Gaia, nature, grounding, stability, releasing nervous, anxious energies for healing, transmutation, transcendence, and at times, ascension. 

Wispy bands of White, symbolize Light, Clarity, Spiritual Protection, energy detox and purification and the gift of being able to become more aware of who you are, what you came ‘here’ to do and to ‘light’ your path forward.

Lemurian Aquataine Calcite, also known as Blue Onyx and many other names, is one of the Stones of Lemuria and has connections to Atlantis, too. 

One of the ways you can tap into ‘your’ unique self, is to work with Lemurian Aquataine Calcite, hold it, have it near you while you sleep and meditate. Be sure to have a journal to write down whatever thoughts you have, images, symbols you may be given to you.

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Ostara Celebration Shop Wide Sale

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Ostara, a time for re-awakening, rebirth and regeneration. It is an opening for new possibilities after the Solitude of Winter energies.

It is a time of balance and renewal. Now is the ‘time’ to reconnect with your inner-self, recognizing where you are and a time to reflect on where you no longer are, what you’ve chosen to leave behind, creating space for what is yet to come for you, beautiful Soul. 

It is also a time to add to your Collection to re-energize your many dreams, desires and aspirations.

Crystals have amazing energy to help boost your confidence, raise your vibe and empower you with their amazing energies.

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Ostara Celebration Sale! Crystals, Jewelry, Minerals, Singing Bowls!

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Shop Drop Update: Orca Agate Spheres

Strength. Determination. Perseverance. Protection. Empowerment. Communication.

Clarity of Purpose. Discretion. Reveal Hidden Truths. Emotional Healing.

Orca Agate. Energetic Gifts to assist you along your path, beautiful Soul.


2 Heart Chakras 1 Crystal

Two Heart Chakras One Crystal … is it really possible to tune into both of your Heart Chakras with just one Crystal?

Actually, yes, it is. Himalayan Pink Quartz is found only in the higher elevations of the Himalayan Mountains. Tibet is a source of amazing calm, serenity, unconditional love and healing energies. 

Holding a Himalayan Pink Quartz in your hands, yes both hands at the same time, for even 10 – 15 minutes, can fill you with an unconditional love-energy vibe that it’s possible to heal deep emotional wounds.

Colors are subtle, just like the energy. It is strong enough to reach long-forgotten emotional wounds without overwhelming you.

Step One: Hold Himalayan Pink Quartz (aka Tibetan Pink Quartz) in both hands for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step Two: Close your eyes, beautiful Soul. 

Step Three: Breathe in deeply, as deeply as you can, then exhale as much as you can. Find ‘your’ rhythm for breathing in and out.

Step Four: Slowly and allow thoughts or emotions to come up for you. You can say something like this “I see you. I release you. You are free to go. Thank you.”

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Angel Aura Quartz Clusters Guardian Angels

😇🙌😇 Your Guardian Angels and Angel Aura Quartz Tune into ‘just for you’ messages

😇 Everyone, including you beautiful Soul, has two Guardian Angels with them at all times, 24/7 no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

😇 This is something, having two Guardian Angels by your side, that some have been taught ONLY special people are gifted with.

😇 YOU are special! YOU are unique! YOU are amazing!

😇 Your Guardian Angels have messages for you and Angel Aura Quartz helps you connect and tap into those somewhat elusive signs, nudges, repeating numbers, lyrics that pop out at you from a song, a feather suddenly appearing as if out of nowhere.

😇 You can put Angel Aura Quartz on your nightstand, on your desk, in your meditation space, anywhere where you can ‘see’ it will help you connect, calming and quieting your conscious mind.

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Prophecy Stones from Morocco

🤎🖤🤎 Prophecy Stones are very rare. The energy is unique. I had seen photos many years ago and they didn’t appeal to me, not one bit.

🤎🖤🤎 Time moves along, my vibe is clearer, higher and so much *stuff* has been healed over the years from where this amazing journey with Crystals, Minerals and Stones started in 1989. When Hawai’i was home.

🤎🖤🤎 When they, the Prophecy Stones ‘called’ me, it was immediately a connection unlike any other. 

🤎🖤🤎 In the evening, after the day is complete, dinner eater and dishes done, I’ll watch a show and hold my Prophecy Stones in my hands. There is a soft, gentle, noticeable pulse of energy in both hands. 

🤎🖤🤎 These beauties are now in the shop … we’ve just two pairs this season. Will there be more next season … I hope so. Prophecy Stones have been on my ‘list’ for several years, so who knows if I’ll be fortunate enough to find more. Like I said, I hope so. 


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