Rose Quartz – Healing Properties Love Stone

rose quartz

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Rose Quartz usually referred to as the “love crystal” is part of the Quartz family of crystals and gemstones. When tumbled, Rose Quartz ranges from very soft pink to a deeper pink. In its natural form, it appears to sparkle and can be somewhat translucent when held in Sun light. There are often veins or striations of lighter Rose Quartz which appear almost white.

When held, it is possible to begin experiencing a sense of harmony within your Heart Chakra, located in the center of your chest. The soft, subtle energy of Rose Quartz soothes emotions, enabling emotional wounds to heal more easily.

Rose Quartz will enhance your meditation experience, calming you from within. Place Rose Quartz under your pillow or on your bedside table to assist in calming your thoughts. A piece of Rose Quartz placed directly on the Heart Chakra will gently draw out emotional hurt, allowing healing to begin.

It is possible to release emotional sorrow and pain through forgiveness. Love is soft, gentle, and nurturing allowing you to heal at your own pace. As the soft vibration of Rose Quartz resonates with your Heart Center, it begins to lovingly re-create sacred space within, re-connecting you with Divine Source Energy. In healing, you will be able to give and receive love first, to you. As you continue to heal, a vacuum will be created where pain and sorrow were once experienced, giving way to an increased level of self-love, enabling you to give and receive love, if you so choose.

As soft, nurturing Rose Quartz energy begins to circulate throughout your entire Be-ing, a sense of inner peace and harmony enhances comfort and healing at the Soul level. Healing when sought with an open heart, releasing all that has come before, clears the path to new adventures, new experiences with a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Are you willing to release pain and sorrow, resentment real or perceived, forgiving you and anyone else involved? To forgive is to release you from self-imprisonment. Forgiveness is releasing you from reliving, re-playing that which caused you pain and suffering. The intention of forgiveness does not require you to place yourself in the same path or in similar circumstances.

Remember to cleanse and re-charge your crystals often, especially if you are working with your crystals during meditation and healing work. The Blog on Crystals and Gemstones – An Introduction, has information about cleansing and re-charging your crystals.

Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Jophiel whose name means “Beauty of God” gifting each of us with the choice of seeing through eyes of love, accepting what is before you without judgment.

Healing properties:  emotional wounds, love, self-love, reduces tensions, increases self-confidence and promotes a sense of inner-peace.

Vibrational Frequency: soft, gentle, nurturing, peaceful, soothing, subtle

Spiritual Properties:  assist you in aligning your inner-self with your Higher –Self; brings into balance your Heart Chakra with emotional healing

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