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Archangel Gabriel whose name means “God is my Strength” is one of the most powerful of all Angelic messengers. Communication is one our greatest gifts; Archangel Gabriel will assist you in speaking your truth with compassion and gentleness. You need not speak your truth aloud to others. It is important to accept you as you are, know you are whole, complete and perfect now this moment!

Call upon Archangel Gabriel to help you reclaim your personal power, not power over others; reclaiming your power is finding your voice, the gift of discernment, encouraging you to listen to your inner voice, your inner guidance.

Do you receive messages during dreamtime? Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you interpret your dreams and visions with clarity, discernment and wisdom.  Are you a student or aspiring author? Archangel Gabriel will assist you in your studies, increase your self-confidence when taking exams; help you write an article or perhaps your first book.

Archangel Gabriel, when asked, will become your “Agent” highly encouraging you past procrastination, self-doubt and fear of taking the next step. Before invoking Archangel Gabriel to be your “Agent” be sure this is what you desire as your life will change quickly!

Colors usually associated with Archangel Gabriel are sky blue and turquoise; colors which resonate with the Throat Chakra, the center of communication both spoken and unspoken.

Know thy True Self – A message from Archangel Gabriel*

For all the world, know thy Self beloved child. For all the moments which have come before, know thy true Self. For all the moments yet to be, know thy Self. Do you seek the presence of thee I AM within? That which is like unto itself shall be drawn to you. Do you speak with love in your heart, mind, in your voice, in your Spirit? If you choose to speak of things not of love, how do you expect to be loving to you or to others? Love thy self as you would love others. Love others as you would love thy Self. Speak your truth. Light and love shall radiate from thee I AM presence within. In all things be truthful. In all ways be truthful. You do not need to shout from the mountain tops or through the lush valleys. The love of the Lord Creator shall find its own way to sow seeds of Light within all creatures great and small. Seek first the Light of the Lord within; all shall be made bright before you. Become a beacon for you; illuminate the path before you this day and all your days. Know thy Self. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

This is the 4th and final Blog in this series on thee Angels of Mercy. During November and December we will focus on Angels of the Elements!

How has Archangel Gabriel assisted you in speaking your truth? What did you like about thee Angels of Mercy? Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences and /or comments by clicking on “comment” I love reading your experiences and comments!

Connect with Angels every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts! All you need to do is enter your name and email address to begin connecting with Angels!

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  1. Gabriel Ang says:

    To ArchAngel Gabriel,
    I have been down for many years without any status of any country when I was born. All things I did was/were not pleasing to Almighty Father in Heaven. I truly ask for forgiveness in all sins commited by me (venial and mortal sins) and I am ready to go forward to be a honest and truthful in whatever I do if only Father in Heaven give me a chance. Truth of difficulties are financial aspect, wish to have peace and ask for the ways to strengthen my faith and ways to show love to my brothers and sisters and also to my enemies(to forgive them). I really want to change and sincere to HIM of the above. Please do assist and show me the ways of your Almighty Father/God have shown to you.

    • Hello Gabriel,
      Your prayer request has been placed into thee Angels prayer box. Know your prayers, your requests have been heard, they are honored.
      thee Angels message for you… not afraid child of light for you are loved beyond measure. You not alone, we are always with you
      our wings of gossamer light wrapped to protect, love and provide strenght in the days ahead. Reach deep within your heart to all that
      is within you. Begin releasing one small part of all that has caused you pain. See all who would cuase you harm wrapped in a bubble
      of Rose light. Love is the key to forgiving fisrt you and then others.

      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Terrie Marie
      the Angel Lady

  2. i need angels visitation

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