Archangel Oils, Scentual Aromatherapy and More!

Hello and good day to You!

Can you tell I am just a bit excited to be going to Fort Worth, Texas this weekend December 4th and 5th!

In addition to 2 fabulous Angel Workshops (Connecting with Your Angels and Meditation with thee Angels), and Transformational Energy Healing on Sunday, I am bringing Desert Rose products with me!

What am I bringing? Scentual Aromatherapy (perfume sprays, hand & body lotions, scented oils, shower gels), Archangel and Chakra oils for cleansing and balancing, Aura and Energy cleanse, meditation CD’s….to name just a few!

And now I invite you to explore the many Angelically inspired Aromatherapy products when you visit from Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts!

See you in fort Worth!

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie


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