Angel Messages from the Angel Lady!

Are you ready to receive Angel messages delivered directly to you? You will get the whole, complete message by visiting  the link to my website Desert Rose Healing Arts, located on the right just below the subscription link;  then click on Angel Messages. Want to see a sample of the Angel messages you will receive? click on Sample Angel Message The sample message is gifted through me by Camael whose name means “Gatekeeper of Heaven” the message is “Balance in All Things” To get started right away, enter your email address by clicking on Angel Messages!

This is what others are saying about the Angel Messages they have and continue to receive!

Thee Angel messages always offer just the right guideline to help me stay centered. On hectic days, they are the perfect voice and I can feel them speak to me. Corinne ; El Paso, Texas

Thee Angel of the Day messages never fail to inspire me and provide wonderful food for thought to begin the day with. The messages are so uplifting and help me see past outer circumstances, straight to the essence of what matters most. Cindy ; El Paso, Texas

Thank you very much for the angelic inspiration. I am really enjoying your Daily Angelic Message. It is like a little meditation, a moment of consciousness and connection with the invisible world, a divine sparkle for the day. Thank you. — Sybilla from Nuremberg, Germany

Like so many I am struggling to stay “up” in the current times. I am usually a positive person but it is more of a challenge lately. I can honestly say that the Angelic blessing will lift you up and refocus your energy in a positive direction if you will take the time to read them with an open heart. We can’t always change our circumstance but we can change how we choose to view them. These are a daily reminder that the blessings are there we just have to be open to them (and maybe look a LITTLE HARDER!!!) Thank you for reminding us what is truly important! Phyllis ; Jonesboro, Arkansas

And now I wish to invite you to receive daily guidance from thee Angels when you visit from Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts!


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