Tip of the Week – How to Make Crystal Charged Water by the Glass

Lapis lazuli

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Select a few tumbled stones, Rose Quartz for example or Lapis Lazuli, place the stones in the bottom of a tall drinking glass. Fill the glass with filtered, distilled or spring water. Allow the glass with the crystals to charge for 24 hours. Drink the energy charged water, fill the glass, wait 24 hours repeating the cycle as often as you choose. I give all of my energy healing clients crystal charged water. I personally drink at least 4oz every day!  The benefits of drinking crystalline energy charged water is balancing and detoxing your inner self; sensing overall well-being from the inside out. Enjoy!

Thoughts and patterns of behavior which no longer serve you also need to be released or trimmed out of your current way of doing, thinking and feeling. Weeding, trimming, watering, fertilizing new ideas, new concepts, and new ways of doing something creates a vacuum attracting more of what you want and less of what you do not want in your life.

Ask Yabbashael to help you cleanse your inner spirit, clearing the way, releasing the past. Ground yourself daily. Sit and focus on a plant, wrap your arms around a tree, do some yard work, take off your shoes wiggling your toes in the coolness of the grass beneath your feet. How do you ground yourself? Do you imagine tree roots growing form the bottom of your feet, six feet deep and six feet wide? The roots do not bind you to one place, they allow grounding energy, a gift from Earth Mother to flow up through your feet, renewing your inner spirit.

A Message from Yabbashael**

Plant many seeds of light and love within the garden of your Spirit. Live your life fully, openly with love and compassion first for you. As you tend your inner spirit, there shall be a blossoming within unlike any other. Your heart, your spirit will runneth over with loving kindness. Share this gift first with you, there is an unlimited supply of love and light to share with others. Attract all you desire with tenderness. Attract that which you seek nurturing your inner essence.  Release the old, make way for the new. Weed out thoughts, emotions, all that no longer serves you. Step into that which awaits you. Be patient as seeds planted blossom and bear fruit. Be kind as you choose differently.  Allow your spirit the gift of self-renewal with the changing of the seasons. There is a time to plant, a time weed, a time to blossom. There is a time for all things; patience is the key of life. **channeled by Terrie Marie

How do you renew the spirit within you? Are you more patient with others than you are with you? Be patient with the process called life, the experience is in the journey, not the journey itself.

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