7 Element Angels and their Unique Angelic Attributes – A Summary

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We are nearing the end of our journey with the 7 Element Angels. We have been gifted with messages, guidance along the paths, our own unique paths.  For your reading pleasure what follows is a summary from each of the previous posts.

*Angel of Fire – Nathaniel “Angel of Divinity” The element of fire is a symbol of purification, transmutation and eventual transcendence. Nathaniel is the Angel of Purification, Divinity and an Angel of Fire.  Call upon Nathaniel to assist you in focusing your thoughts, your emotions on that which you desire. Ask Angel Nathaniel to help you clear your mind, healing thoughts of lack or self-doubt prior to declaring your intentions.  Light a red candle with the intention of clearing your inner self of that which no longer serves your highest and best good.

*Angel of the Sea – Elemiah “Angel of All Who Journey” Water is free flowing, representing the emotional body, movement, inner journeys, and Spiritual expansion.  Elemiah is the Angel Protector of All Who Journey. Seek not the ways of others, find your own way.  To journey, is to open your heart, your mind to the possibility of moving, flowing in a different direction than you may be comfortable. Invoke Angel Elemiah to assist with traveling, journeying, Spiritual Expansion by lighting a candle of blue.

*Angel of the Sky – Anpiel “Angel of Spiritual Expansion” There are many symbols of spirit within each one of us. The sky, the air represents limitless, free flowing energy. Anpiel, the Angel of Spiritual Expansion, will gently assist you along your path. Your path is unlike any other, it is yours an yours alone. Imagine for just a moment having a pair of wings. How much freedom would you feel soaring among the heavens, above the ordinary, free to truly be who you are!

*Angel of the Earth – Yabbashael “Garden of the Spirit” Do you tend the garden of your spirit? Just as you would prepare the soil, plant seeds, water and fertilize your trees and flowering bushes, it is necessary to do nurture your inner self. Ask Yabbashael to help you cleanse your inner spirit, clearing the way, releasing the past. Ground yourself daily. Be patient with the process called life, the experience is in the journey, not the journey itself.

*Angel of the Moon – Ophaniel “Cycle of Divine Order” Divine Order, what is it anyway? The moon graces us with its travels across the night sky, changing shape along its journey. Take time to observe the cycles of the moon. In what way or ways do you experience cycles within you? There are cycles of rest, cycles of great activity. ? Angel Ophaniel is an Angel of the Moon, ready to assist you.

*Angel of the Sun – Galgaliel “Regent of the Sun” Galgaliel is thee Angel of Vibration assisting you, when called upon, to move through barriers. Barriers are self-made. They are also placed upon us by well intentioned friends, family, and even to some extent passers-by.   Vibrations within are the breaking up of that which is unwanted and of Spiritual Expansion. Barriers can at times protect us from the unknown. They can also hinder our own exploration into the unknown, expanding our consciousness. Be unafraid to step beyond self-made limitations, barriers real or perceived.

*Angel of the Stars – Kokabiel “Star of God” Among the heavens there is no greater twinkling than that of a million stars, the Celestial Milky Way. The light of the stars in the night sky give way to the brilliance of the Spirit within. All creatures great and small are gifted with the golden twinkling of a thousand stars.  Allow the stars to cast their light upon the path before you, illuminating all that would attempt to distract you from you chosen path.

What are your experiences? Have you received any messages?  Did you discover anything about you along the way?

Thank you for joining me on this journey of discovery and exploration, each Angel sharing their unique attributes with all of us along the path before us.

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