Red Crystals and Gemstones – Cinnabar Stone of Mysticism and Transformation

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The name of this somewhat mystic stone has several names or identifiers. It is known as the Merchant’s Stone, the Alchemists Stone and among ancient Persians, Dragon’s Blood for its rich vermillion color. Cinnabar is prized in the Orient for its ability to grant the wearer long-life. Delicately carved beads and bracelets are adorned with pairs of Mandarin Duck. Mandarin Duck are among a few who mate for life, symbolizing purity, long-life, fidelity and a lasting love between partners.

It is called the Alchemists Stone because it contains traces of Mercury once thought to be transformed into Gold. The Merchant’s Stone is so named for its ability to attract prosperity and abundance when used with integrity. It will also motivate you to refine organizational skills, remove stubbornness when dealing with colleagues or co-workers, creating a sense of cooperation and community.

Cinnabar resonates with the Base or Root Chakra, the Sacral of Sex Chakra and the Third Eye. Your Basic Chakra is associated with physical survival and finances. Resonating with the Sacral or Sex Chakra, it is possible to tap into your creativity, revealing yet undiscovered gifts of inner expression.  It may assist in healing love relationships, instilling a sense of trust.

The healing properties aid in transformation. It will aid in transforming thoughts, emotions, and removing or dissolving blockages pertaining to self-worth and self-esteem. Carry a piece of Cinnabar in your pocket or coin purse. Place some on your desk or in your money corner.

If you choose to work with this very potent stone, take your time, do not rush or force yourself to meld with the high intensity of its energy frequency. It will encourage the bridging of the physical realm with that of the Realm of Spirit. Begin by using it during meditation, gradually increasing the length of your meditations. Hold it in your hand, place it on or just above your Third Eye to disintegrate stored or unwanted energy, enabling you to discern the many choices before you.

*Angelic Realm Association: Anauel who is an Angel of Prosperity and Commerce, will assist you in managing your business relationships and help to heal issues dealing with money or finances,

*Healing Properties: energy blockages, align Chakras, uncertainty, self-worth, manifestation, issues of business and finance.

*Vibrational Frequency: strong, healing, purifying.

*Spiritual Properties: defends and protects against negative thoughts of others, mediates assertive or aggressive behavior, Spiritual expansion, transformation.

A primary benefit of working with Cinnabar is its intense vibrational frequency to purify, cleanse, protect, and attract abundance and prosperity. In addition, carved jewelry is given as a sign of fidelity, passion, and long-life. It will assist you, if you interested in developing your intuition, or enhancing your gift of Psychic Visions.

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