Pink Crystals and Gemstones – Rhodocrosite Stone of Love and Harmony

Rhodocrosite 5(Pérou)

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Pink is often associated with Roses, love and emotional healing. February symbolizes love and emotional love. Emotional healing is an integral part of the journey in all Realms.  There is only love or fear. Love is stronger than fear based thoughts of lack, doubt, despair. Love heals, fear increases fear. Love is a gift, fear drains positive energy.

*Love based thoughts or emotions: happiness, unconditional love, love of the Self, love for others, total acceptance, judgment free, joy, bliss, abundance, serenity.

*Fear based thoughts or emotions: lack, doubt, anger, disappointment, disapproval, judgment, conditional love, loss, hate, envy, jealousy.

There is no-thing greater than love. There is no-thing greater than unconditional love, total acceptance of you and others with all our flaws, all our nicks, dings and dents. The key is to surrender the fear of being un-loved, un-lovable. You are whole complete and perfect now this moment. You are loved beyond measure.

Join me as we journey through the Realm of Unconditional Love and emotional healing discovering healing and metaphysical properties of Rhodocrosite, Kunzite, Pink tourmaline and Cobalto-Calcite.

Rhodocrosite Stone of Love and Harmony

This many layered stone of pink and white symbolizes the many facets of our inner emotions, the center of our Emotional Energy Body. White and pink striations integrate and balance heart and mind, healing wounds past and present, calming the Soul.

Rhodocrosite is prized for its outer and inner beauty, enabling each of us to bring into harmony our inner desire for love, giving and receiving, loving without condition.

The beautiful layers of white throughout this stone have the power to assist you in channeling or accessing Divine White Light infused with Divine Healing Love.

The Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra both resonate with a different, yet powerful vibrational frequency attuning each Chakra bridging the lower physical realm needs and wants with that of the higher Spiritual Self. Rhodocrosite and Malachite work in tandem, hand in hand, releasing energy blockages in the Solar Plexus, dissolving emotional blockages in the Heart Chakra.

When worn or placed next to the Heart Chakra, it will softly and gently begin the healing process from heartache, loneliness, depression, encouraging self-love, opening the heart to love again. Forgiveness is the key to healing on all levels in all directions of time and space. Be willing to release you from no longer is, freeing you to all that awaits you along your journey.

Are you among the gifted who receive messages from thee Angels or your Spirit Guides in your dreams? Slip a few pieces of Rhodocrosite under your pillow or on the night table next to your bed. Place this stone in a glass of filtered water, allowing the water to absorb the loving energy for at least 12 hours before drinking. This precious pink and white stone is gifted with enhancing dream recall!

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Jophiel, whose name means, Beauty of God, is thee Archangel of Unconditional Love, seeing through eyes of love, releasing heartache gently and profoundly.

*Healing Properties: heartache, feelings of being unloved, being unlovable, love relationships

*Vibrational Frequency: high energy vibration yet soft, powerful, loving, healing

*Spiritual Properties: align emotional, physical, mental and Spiritual bodies, increased intuition

Being willing to heal trust issues, feelings of insecurity, will enable you to release past heartache, opening the way before you to experience a life filled with love and compassion. Yes, you may encounter unpleasant experiences as you travel the path along your journey. Know you have the tools to overcome and dissolve blockages, self-limiting beliefs of not having all you desire to receive and to give to another in the name of love.

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