Archangels – Archangel Ariel Relationship Harmony

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Archangel Ariel, whose name means, Lion of God, will assist you with relationships. The relationship you have with yourself and with others. Relationship harmony begins first with the Self enabling you to experience healthy, lasting friendships, enhance family connections and attract people of like mind to you.

The 2nd or Sacral Chakra energy center, located below your navel is the center for relationship harmony. Healing relationship issues past and present releases you from the past, allowing you the freedom to pursue healthy, positive interactions with others along your journey. Colors associated with your Sacral Chakra are orange and sometimes copper.

Ask Archangel Ariel to cleanse and balance your inner Self, bringing into harmony through compassionate healing, all you have experienced in this life. This Archangels’ energy is soft, loving, nurturing, exuding tenderness during your healing process. You are encouraged to cleanse and purify your personal surroundings often.

A Message from Archangel Ariel*

In all things be kind. In all things be gracious. In all things express truth and integrity. These things and more are gifted back to you tenfold. Yes, there are occasions when all may appear to lack truth or integrity. Simply step aside, allowing all to flow past thee. The stream of life as you know it, continually cleanses and purifies all it touches if you would but allow it. Open yourself to all that awaits you. Open your heart first to you, expressing all you desire to receive. For in first loving the Self, you then have love to give to another. If in your eyes this is deemed selfishness, then so be it. For you cannot give to another what you do not first give to you. The supply of unconditional love is never ending, it is limitless. Express loving kindness this day and all the days before you. *channeled by Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Relationships are often free-flowing, conveying their own unique energy signature or vibration. Love relationships are symbolized with the water element. Archangel Ariel is deeply connected with the water element representing movement forward never backward. Allow you to flow with the stream of life rather than attempting to always paddle against the flow.  It is not suggested you conform to the desires of others for the sake of flowing with the stream. It is suggested you consider offering non-resistance to things, situations which are not for your highest and best good. When offering non-resistance, you allow all to flow past you with more grace and ease.

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