How to Protect YOURSELF from Negative Energy!

03AAMich1aHow to Protect YOURSELF from Negative Energy!

with Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

*Discover how creating a shield of White Light protects YOU from negative energy

*Make a personal and direct connection with Archangel Michael

*Avoid people who drain YOUR energy (energy vampires!)

*Prevent Psychic Attack

Saturday, March 5, 2011 at The Percolator!

217 N Stanton; El Paso, Texas

2:00pm to 4:30pm

Class fee: $45

To register, respond to this Blog, call or text me, Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, at 915-203-2531 today!

The workshop is being held in the Meeting Room in the Café, theater style seating! Come early have lunch.

There will be Archangel essential oil blends and a few crystals and minerals available both before and after the workshop!


  1. Hello!
    Check out the “After the Workshop” for a overview of the workshop!
    Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
    Terrie Marie

  2. Hello Beautiful Geeta,
    Today is the Day of Angels, it is 4-4-4 the 4th month, the 4th day of the month and it is April 4th …..know thee Angels are with you and your Husband now and always.
    To assist you and your Husband with negative energy…..I am working on making this workshop an ECourse and a Teleseminar course making it accessible to everyone who desires to protect themselves not matter where they are in this world. I am not sure when these would be available.
    At this time I accept MasterCard and Visa payments through my website. We may be able to work something out to assist you and your Husband. While we are working out the details of the charges of a private workshop, the time and the methodology, please visit to learn how to use Angelic White Light Protection and visit for Violet Red Light Protection.
    Know thee Angels are always with you and your husband. Ask Archangel Michael to surround you and your Husband, protecting you from negative energy.
    Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
    Terrie Marie

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