Tip of the Week – Patience

Patience dear one is a gift of knowing that which is worth waiting for, that which is worth your investment of time, energy and at times money. Patience is not always easily practiced. Wants and desires are, at times, greater than mere words are able to express adequately. It is advisable not to compare you to another. Comparing ourselves to others, where they are, what has manifested for them is easy to do. It also raises the question…..what about me…when is it my turn….what am I am doing wrong….

You are whole, complete and perfect now this moment. There is no-thing you need change. There is no-thing you need do. There is no-thing extra or better to be done. You are, now this moment doing all you can possibly “do” to move forward along the path before you. In this there is no doubt for you are reading these words attempting to understand the “why” or “when” of “why not”.

Be kind to yourself as you travel the path. The Path before you is unlike any other path. The Path before you is unlike anything you have experienced.

Be at peace, trust the process, be compassionate with yourself and with others. All is unfolding before you in magnificent splendor.

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