Angels – Taliahad Angel of Water Emotion

San Antonio River Walk

Where there is water, there is movement. Where there is movement, there is freedom. Where there is freedom, there is the ever changing churn of emotions, cycles of renewal and regeneration, moving forward, releasing the past.

Taliahad, the Angel of Water, gifts us with the waters of renewal and regeneration. Call upon Taliahad to assist you in moving forward, healing emotional wounds. Be willing to allow the waters of renewal and regeneration to carry away pain and suffering. Angel Taliahad works with Archangel Gabriel assisting you in speaking your truth with softness and clarity.

Emotional healing is essential to your overall well-being, balancing body, mind and Spirit. The Soul, your Soul, speaks the language of unconditional love and forgiveness, the language of acceptance without condition, without judgment.

Which do you prefer? Do you prefer to stay where have been or would you prefer to heal all pain and suffering moving forward knowing all is healed? You can choose this and more, you need only ask. You need only be open to receiving emotional healing beginning with your inner Self. As your inner Self heals wounds carried from past relationships, healing begins to radiate outward, projecting in all directions of time and space. There no are limitations, there are no boundaries, there are no wounds too deep, too old, or too new that cannot be healed if you are but willing, truly willing to release all that has come before.

Releasing pain and suffering, involves telling a different story or simply stop telling the story of that which happened so very long ago. You are not the same as you once were. Why then would you do yourself an injustice by re-telling a story that no longer expresses who, what and where you find yourself now, this moment?

A Message from Taliahad*

Drink of the waters of forgetfulness, the waters which allow you to relive only that which was sown in love and compassion. It does not serve thee to wade in the muck and mire of what once was. Instead beloved child of light, allow you to flow with the stream of loving consciousness to waters which are clear, cool and soothing. Renew your Spirit, your thoughts, your heart in the cool waters of forgiveness, making way for that which is before you. Drink of the waters of compassion releasing you from a future of reliving that which is clearly behind you. Free yourself to love again, easily, without fear without doubt.  *channeled through Terrie Marie the Agngel Lady

It is not suggested you deny what once was, it is suggested you acknowledge what was, choosing instead to focus upon that which is positive and loving. Seeing all involved wrapped in a beautiful, soft bubble of loving rose light, healing all involved. Healing allows you and others to be released from a pattern of continual energy exchange which no longer serves anyone.

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  1. Mickie Van Patten says:

    I found this website because I was sort of “given” a piece of lavender Jade by a very special man after he died. It never ceases to amaze me how often it has been demonstrated to me that our relationship was and still is guided by the hand of God. Thank you

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