How to Manifest – 4 Step Process to Create the Life You Desire!

Watercolor on Tea-Dyed Rice Paper

A silk worm weaves and spins its own cocoon, emerges transformed into a beautifully winged creature floating in the breeze.

The Lotus, a sacred and revered symbol dating back to Ancient Egypt and beyond, rises from murky, muddy depths, ascending above statuesque leaves of deep green and lemon yellows. The Lotus Blossom unfolds its petals each day, enfolding its blossoms into itself as day turns into night. The Blue Lotus retreats back into the murky depths of the pond, rising again with the first rays of the sun.

Manifestation is the complete realization of something that was only a possibility, an underdeveloped potential; materialized form of Spirit; an indication of the existence in physical form, a reality, something measurable, tangible.

Four Step Process to Magical Manifestation

*Dream what you want

*Write your dreams down; create a record of your heart’s desires, your goals; discovering your life’s purpose in the process.

*Declare your goals, your intentions, and your heart’s desires to the Universe, to your Guides, to thee Angels.

*Magnetize yourself becoming a magnet, attracting to you your heart’s desires; law of attraction, focus on what you want, be open to receive.

Manifesting is the art of achieving desired results, using various techniques, such as Mantras, vision boards, ceremonies or rituals. Manifestation is a heightened state of awareness, focusing energy, thoughts and emotions; performing rituals or ceremonies, increasing personal expansion to give and receive all you desire.

It is essential to begin and end with the highest intentions and best good for all; heartfelt intentions laced with purity and integrity. You may not manifest for someone else without first seeking permission. Attempting to manifest your desires for someone else without their consent is imposing your will upon another. An example of focusing your intentions for the highest and best good for all is manifesting a better job; your right and perfect for you job; a harmonious work environment; better benefits. The opposite of manifesting for the highest and best good for all is for another to lose their job or be fired.

Focusing on your desires is as simple or as complicated as the Law of Attraction manifesting our desires wanted or unwanted. Our desire(s) must be strong, clear and heartfelt, with focused intentions, releasing specific outcomes.

If money were no object, no restrictions on time or the physical space to create the life you desire, what would you create? What would you manifest?

Try it, see what happens!

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