Tip of the Week – Resistance, Offering Non-Resistance

Resistance presents itself in many, many ways. Resistance is not allowing yourself to flow your energy softly, with graced and ease. It is insisting you are the only one experiencing pain, sorrow, suffering or insisting everything go your way or else!

Resistance is refusing to “listen” to your own inner guidance knowing you are to do something, say something or perhaps keep quiet, yet you do not listen and mover forward almost as if you are being a bully, having your own way.

Instead of “fighting” to have, to keep or to get “somewhere” consider offering non-resistance. This is not to suggest you simply allow the current to take you anywhere it please without regard to what you desire. It it suggesting you offer non-resistance to the flow of energy within you. How do you know you won’t like something if you do not if you not even willing to consider it?

Follow your own inner guidance regardless of what others think or say or what they might think or say. If you cause no harm to others or to you by following guidance, why not open your heart, your mind, your Soul, your Spirit to that which is in front of you?

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Offer Non-Resistance


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