Spiritual Expansion – 3 Top Reasons to Detox and Cleanse Your Energy

Cleansing unwanted, negative energy from your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies is more than beneficial to your overall well-being. Everyone and everything is, and contains energy both positive and negative. Even when you are in the best frame of mind and your attitude is one of gratitude, you may encounter unwanted energy from other sources. As you speak with people, going about your day, you interact not only with your own emotional energy; you also encounter and interact or re-act to the other people’s energies.  Have you ever experienced a sudden change in your emotions or felt your body shiver for no apparent reason? It is highly likely you have just passed through someone else’s negativity or emotional distress.

Our physical body is a magnet for many, many types of energy depending on where we are physically and emotionally. Lower, dirty energy collects and is then stored throughout your entire Be-ing to include your Auric and Ethereal energy bodies.

One of the top 3 reasons to detox and cleanse your energy is to balance or bring into balance your emotional and mental bodies with your inner core essence, your true Self.  Balance then transforms in harmony, allowing you to flow more easily with all that is occurring within and around you.

The 2nd top reason is to release behavioral patterns which no longer serve your highest and best good; forgive yourself for any mistakes you think you have made; forgiving others for any emotional wounds they may have caused. One of the most important behavior patterns to release is judgment, self-judgment and judging others.  There is freedom in being judgment free.

The 3rd most important reason is freeing yourself from all that would block your inner alignment with the Creator, the Divine Source of All There Is. In truth, we are always connected. The feeling of separation or internal blockage is caused with our being out of alignment with our true core essence, our true Self which is love and light.

A few of the many ways to cleanse and detox the energy around you is to light a white or rose colored candle. The candle flame absorbs and transmutes negative energy. Sprinkle sea salt across the threshold of your door, take a salt bath, light incense. If you choose to use incense, remember to open at least one window, allowing the free flow of energy, releasing that which is no longer wanted out into the Universe for transmutation.

*Balance – inner Self with physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies

*Release yourself from past behavioral patterns; all that no longer serves your highest and best good; pain, doubt, lack, fear of not having your heart’s desires.

*Align – with Divine Source Energy, Creator of All That Is

In summary, there are many benefits and ways to renew your inner Self, releasing any unwanted negative energies from within, your physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual and Ethereal bodies.

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  1. Christina Cronk says:

    excellent advice. thank you!

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