Angels – Archangel Taharial Purity of Soul Essence

Be Willing to See Beyond the Horizon

Your inner Self, your core essence is your true Self. The core of your Be-ing is filled with unconditional love and pure Divine White Light. There are only two emotions that of love and fear. All thought, emotion, all actions are based in loved or in fear.

Love has many faces, many names; happiness, joy, bliss, laugher, compassion, kindness, a smile, a kind word, harmony, abundance, grace, encouragement, support, a warm embrace, honor, integrity, loyalty, trust, faith, temperance.

Fear also has many faces, many names in which it disguises itself: anger, sadness, depression, being antagonistic, hate, envy, jealousy, being a victim, lack, aggression, discouragement, tearing another person or you down, self-sabotage, dis-honor, disgrace, lack of integrity, dis-ease, disharmony.

Archangel Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God, will assist you, when asked, to instill within a sense of joy and happiness, radiating Divine White Light in all circumstances. Radiating the Light of the Creator may not change or alter that which is happening around you in the moment it is occurring. It will shift your energy so you are less affected, creating more balance within during times of stress as difficult, uncomfortable situations arise. It will shield you from others, from anger, from negativity.

A Message from Archangel Taharial*

Child of Light, child of the Creator. Where do you find yourself? Do you wish to remain where you are? Perhaps you wish to express yourself with loving kindness but fear ridicule. Do you speak kindly to you or do you seek to destroy your own light with unkind words, misjudgment, and dishonor? Each time you speak with unkindness, no matter if you speak to you or to others, you create shadow. In choosing to speak without love, without compassion you create an opportunity to receive more of the same. True, not all will in-turn honor you simply because you choose to speak from your heart space. You will reap all you sow, the garden within does not manifest a different harvest in physical form around you. You have the gift of choice, choose differently and that which is gifted to you will be different. Choose to honor you and others will honor you. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Your Soul is a reflection of your inner core essence, your true Self. There is joy and a sense of bliss within your deepest reservoir, the essence of your Soul. Purity of thought, action, emotion, words spoken emanate from within. Are you willing to allow you to radiate that which you truly are?

All thoughts, actions, all emotions are either based in fear or they come from the heart in love.

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