Tip of the Week – Better Late than Never!

Better Late than Never!

It would seem the posting of the Tip of the Week used to be on Sunday! As things would have it….or so goes the flow of energy…this post has now “flowed to Monday”!

Better late than never….

Better to start than not to start at all.

Better to pick yourself up after a fall than stay on the ground, defeated.

Better to keep looking forward rather looking back, yes acknowledge where you have been, do not look behind you too long you might forget you are moving forward. If you catch yourself looking backwards, celebrate you are becoming aware of your actions, your thoughts, your emotions. Each time you are aware, you will move forward more easily.

Better late than never…..if you never start, you never start…..start today, tomorrow will be one day longer to realizing your dreams, your goals.

Better late than never!

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