Tip of the Week – “Slow Down”

How often do those of us who are doing more than what appears to be humanly possible hear…Slow down! You are moving too fast! You are doing too much! Slow down…

The translation of these words can be literal OR perhaps they are spoken by some who are finding it difficult to keep-up the pace they have set for themselves. It is also possible it may be a combination of both! Nearly two weeks ago, while out to lunch with friends, I slipped,  twisting my left ankle very well! As my left ankle bent and was moving forward, I suddenly found myself on hands and knees on the floor. Now, one would think I should have fallen backward given the way my foot was, at least is certainly felt like it, was yanked forward! There is no doubt in my mind that had it not been for my ever watchful Guardians, that is exactly what would have happened!  To say I was stunned to have found myself on hands and knees is an understatment! The only injury was to my left ankle, no bruises on knees or twisted wrists! Well, in a way this did slow me down…not for long nor did it stop me!

I am well aware the message was to “slow down” as there was little choice, I did slow my own pace just a bit.

What messages are YOU receiving in regards to your pace? Listen to your inner guidance. Listen to your body. Listen to your Guides, Angels whomever you listen to. Listen to the rhythm of you, not to the rhythm of others.

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