Angels – Archangel Chamuel Seeker of Insight and Inner Peace

Natures' Beauty

Within each one of us is the desire to seek that which is connected with Divine Source, the Creator of All That Is. Within each of us is resides the “still small voice” which yearns to be heard, to be listened to, to be honored. Within each of us is the Spark of Divinity, the flame of that which is Divine within our very Soul.

Archangel Chamuel, whose name means, He Who Seeks God, awaits your call, seeking your own Divine Essence within. When called upon, he will assist you in calming your thoughts, your emotions, being able to hear your own “still small voice” knowing all is unfolding before you for your highest and best good and for all concerned.

In reality we are always connected with Divine Source, interconnected one with the other. The sense or feeling of separation, although appearing very real at times, is an illusion. There is no separation except that which we perceive as ourselves being removed from the loving grace of the Creator. The Creator, thee Angels are always with us. It is we, who are experiencing challenges along the journey, who create the idea of separation.

Perception is not an evil to be mistrusted for there are many instances in which it serves you well. You need only ask for a moment of silence remembering to breathe in white light exhaling shadow, allowing your physical Self to mentally and emotionally re-establish your connection with the Divine. Allow you to align you with the Divinity within your Heart Center. Allow all you are now this moment to shed all that no longer serves your Higher Self.

A Message from Archangel Chamuel*

Child of Light, be open to all that you are in the Realm of Spirit. Be open to all that you are in the physical realm of sight and sound. Be your own counsel for you alone know your Soul Essence without ever needing to express yourself to another, not even to you. We do not say, do not reach out to others, we are suggesting you seek the still small voice within, listen with open ears and an open heart. Listen, for you alone can hear the heartbeat of a butterfly’s wing upon the breeze of Divinity. You alone know that which is contained within your Soul. You alone know the path you have traveled, bringing you to where you are now. You alone know all is indeed well regardless of surface appearances or the perception of others. Hold true to your inner essence, ask and it shall be given to you. Ask and you shall receive the guidance you seek. In the seeking there is calm serenity, harmony and joy beyond words. Remember the still small voice within; it will not forsake you in times of need. Go in peace; seek your path knowing all is in Divine Order.  *channeled through Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

Inner peace is not as elusive as it may first appear. Inner peace is quieting the noise in your mind, the swirl of emotions in your heart space, the seeming chaos around you. Stop for a few moments, remember to breathe, seek the space in between thoughts, in between breaths. Seek your own inner peace, allow this state of being to radiate outward, clearing the path before you.

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