Crystals and Minerals – Fluorite Stone of the Rainbow Bridge

Stone of the Rainbow Bridge

A rainbow is perhaps one of the most incredible displays of light flowing seamlessly interconnecting one with the other. It is one of the symbols of promise, of unity and energy healing. A bridge symbolizes connection, transformation, a journey from one horizon to another.

Fluorite, also known as the Stone of the Rainbow Bridge, contains all the colors of the Rainbow. Some specimens reflect or exhibit more of one color ray than others. Tumbled specimens make it easier to physically see its many colors.

The green ray for example, while containing all of the colors of the Rainbow within its internal structure, vibrates primarily with the Heart Chakra, health and abundance. The purple ray, also containing all the energy frequency of a rainbow, symbolizes spirituality, intuition and expanded awareness resonating primarily with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The bluish-green hue connects and integrates the Heart and Throat Chakras.

Many Fluorite specimens reveal white light, that of purity and integrity. White light is symbolic of our connection with Divine Source Energy and with thee Angels who guide and protect us as we travel our respective paths.

The color range of Fluorite ranges from light, almost pastel colors to very dark, rich vibrant hues of purples, greens and white. Do not be fooled into believing your physical sight, these beautiful specimens radiate all the colors of the Rainbow in all its perfection.

I remember the first time I saw and held this marvelous crystalline stone formation in my hand. It felt as though its unique energy frequency combined with mine, interweaving itself within and around me. I need only look at Fluorite to re-experience this sensation again and again.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Taharial, whose name means, “Purity of God”, is the overall Guardian of the Cosmic Rainbow Bridge and of thee Angels of the Rainbow Bridge. He will provide guidance to all who request his assistance in discovering their unique gateway into themselves along the journey of life.

*Healing Properties: cleanse and balance Third Eye and Crown Chakras, emotional wounds, align Chakra energy centers, integrating emotional, physical, mental, Spiritual and Ethereal energy bodies; release unwanted excess energy.

*Vibrational Frequency: pure white light, prism of rainbow light, subtle, powerful, soothing, calming, unification.

*Spiritual Properties: connection with Divine Source, purity, intuition, expand conscious awareness, integration.

Fluorite has the capability of cleansing, balancing and integrating all of your energy bodies and all of your Chakra energy centers simultaneously. This unique stone calibrates itself to your current vibrational frequency. As you expand your conscious awareness, Fluorite will calibrate itself to you assisting you for maximum benefit.

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