Angels – Archangel Raphael Healing and Harmony

Archangel Raphael represents the Divine Healer within each of us.  He is the patron of travelers, and of journeys within, assisting you in healing your body, mind, and Spirit on all levels, in all directions of time and space.  This Archangel is the protector and guide for healers, in all healing professions.  Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in releasing limiting beliefs, healing your heart from hurt or disappointment, real or perceived.  He will, if asked, guide you to the right and perfect healer or physician to assist you.

Colors usually associated with this Archangel are emerald green and amethyst purple. Green is most often associated with the Heart Charka and purple is the color of healing and for healers. Purple is also associated with the Crown Chakra, Spiritual Expansion and conscious awareness.

A Message from Archangel Raphael*

There is much which surrounds you that is not of love and light. In all things heal you. Heal your core from that which is behind now behind you. That which is now behind you has brought you to where you are. Celebrate giving thanks where you are for it shall be your stepping stone to all that is before you. Look within; discover your own Divine Spark of Divinity. Your inner Spirit is whole complete perfection.  Your inner Spirit needs nothing, no one outside itself, for all things, all needs, all desires await you in the Realm of Spirit. Your physical self seeks healing, comfort, love, joy, abundance, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance. Know you are all things to yourself and to all who surround you. Choose to heal your inner Self. Choose to release all that no longer serves you. Choose to step into the light of forgiveness. Stepping into the light creates a sense of freedom, releasing you from past burdens, worries or concerns. Burdens do not aid you in the seeking of happiness and joy. In reaching for joy in all things, great and small, align yourself with the light, in oneness. In truth there is no separation between your core essence of love and light and your physical self. Your core essence is always connected with Divine Source Energy. In truth you are always connected with your inner Spirit, always connected with your Higher Self, with the One Source of All There Is. Choose healing. Choose peace and harmony. Choose light. Choose to love you unconditionally. Choose courage. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Do you seek you a love relationship, perhaps your Soul Mate? Begin healing your heart space, the physical center of love and emotion. Release all past relationships, clearing space for your Soul Mate, your life’s partner. Release feelings of not being loveable or of being unloved. As you focus on your inner healing, your energy shifts. As your energy shifts you project or radiate a loving energy attracting more love into your life. As you become more loving, loving you and others more openly, you attract to you all you desire and more.

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