Tip of the Week – Taking Care of You

Taking care of you, yourself, your Inner Spirit….nice words BUT what does this really mean? It means a variety of things, emotions, thoughts and even actions to each and every one of us. the past few days have been interesting, I have just now this moment “remembered” the Tip of the Week was to have been posted yesterday. Well, I am doing it now because this is when I remembered to do it! I could have started “scolding me” for having forgotten. The truth is, it wasn’t ready until just now.

OK…so what does it mean to take care of you? It means stopping to breathe, reaching out to someone you trust to help you through a tough moment (or moments). It means taking a personal day to recharge your inner and outer self. It means having hot chocolate at 10:00pm if that is what you want to do! It means turning off the phone or at least screening your calls until you are ready to talk or listen to someone else.

Taking care of you means simply taking time out for you. Remember to breathe, spend time listening to soothing music, or being in the silence. Taking care of you is as simple or complciated as you choose to make it.

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