Angels – Archangel Sandalphon Angel of Prayer, Higher Truth and Healing

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What is Higher Truth? Your higher truth emanates from within, the still small voice which resonates from deep within your core essence. The Spark of Divinity within each one of us begins with the receiving of unconditional love and light of the Creator of All There Is.

What is Prayer? Prayer is the language of your Soul Essence, the quietness of the mind when asking, seeking guidance from thee Angels, from the Spirit. In truth, all we seek is already contained within. All we seek to know about ourselves, our reason for being is contained within our Soul. Prayer is the asking for all to be revealed to us in the moment of the asking.

What is Healing? Healing is the releasing of all that has or continues to cause you pain, sorrow, discomfort in any form whether it be thought, action or emotion. Healing is releasing the fear of not having all you desire for in truth it is already yours.

A Message from Archangel Sandalphon*

What do you seek beloved child? How do you seek the desires of your heart, mind, and Spirit? Ask and it is given. Knock and the door shall be opened to you. Seek and you shall find.  How do you communicate with the Creator?  Do you sit in the silence?  Do you speak your desires aloud or silently to yourself? Do you write your desires and burn them by the flame of the candle?  Do you seek answers?  Perhaps you seek forgiveness, love, abundance, harmony, or joy. In all things, know your prayers are answered in the moment of the asking. Be open to receive that which you desire. Be open to receiving guidance in the form of whispered thought, people crossing your path, songs, passing conversations, experiences, or passages in a book. Be open to receiving that which you seek. Give to you as you would give to others.  Love you as you would love others. Be open to receiving that which you seek.  All shall be made manifest; in the Realm of Spirit all is already yours in the moment of the asking. Know it is so. In the asking, in the receiving, in the giving, you shall find all; the way is made open to you.  *channeled through Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

Be willing to step aside, to step out of your own way, being open to all that you already are in the Realm of Spirit where all is already known, all is manifested in your name for your highest and best good. All is in made whole, you are whole complete and perfect now this moment.

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  1. Patti B says:

    My name is Patti born Nov 8, 1961 live in Pennsy my question is will I find peace in my life I am so scatter with my emotion for my self but can help many with my healing why can’t I find that within….. I balance myself everyday and then theres all the negetive enery that follow from others to me…

    • Hello Patti,
      The choice is yours. If you continue to see only imbalance within yourself this is what you will continue to expereince.
      If you choose to release yourself, dettaching energy cords after each healing you will begin to experience peacefulness within.
      Choose to release all that is not yours to carry.
      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

  2. Patti B says:

    Thank You my energy is on balance mode again I will and I am learning to release and let negative energy be remove when I help with the healing of others…

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