Angels – Angel of Discernment

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The ability to differentiate between perception, perspective, truth and reality is the gift of discernment. Be willing to step-aside, step out of your own way to hear, see or sense what is truly occurring around you. Be willing to listen to that still-small-voice, your inner guidance.

Perception is a type of lens or veil through which everything we see, hear, feel and say is filtered.  Every one perceives things differently as we experience life’s many twists and turns.

Reality is our personal view of how things appear to be. Reality is often influenced by outside sources, family, friends, even co-workers. Someone other than you is not always concerned with your interests; they are interested that you see things from their perspective.

Truth is that which resonates within you, a sense of knowing that you are making right decisions for you at this moment in time. Truth is accepting conditions around you and choosing to think, feel and act differently.

A Message from the Angel of Discernment*

This day as every day there are many choices before you. In the seeking, in the asking, in the stepping forth along the path before you, there are many choices. How do you know which choice is for your highest and best good? How do you know the difference between that which is your truth and that which attempts to distract you from your truth? Take a few moments to breathe deeply of the Lord’s Divine Light. Feel the Light of the Lord infill every cell of your physical body. Breathe deeply exhaling all that does not serve you. The Light of the Lord radiates outward from within to all your energy bodies, gently caressing your entire Be-ing. All things are as they are to be in this moment in perfect union. Choose emotions, thoughts, actions which serve you and your brethren, for in choosing the path less traveled, you choose between love and fear, between light and shadow. Choose wisely, for in the choosing all is made manifest. As you think, so shall it be. As you feel, so shall it be. As you speak, so shall it be. And so it is. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Perspective, as I understand it, is an overall sense of how we perceive truth and reality as it pertains all we have experienced, all the conditions projected upon us. There are many who would have you choose their way as the one and only way to travel the journey.

Are you willing to step aside, quiet the ego chatter to discern your truth? It is not always easy to discern the truth. It can often mean traveling your path relying on your own inner guidance. No one else knows exactly what you feel, how you think. It is nearly impossible for someone else to understand what it is you are experiencing. Rely on others to assist you in sorting through that which is within. Rely on you to discern what is best for you. There are many paths, many choices.

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