Tip of the Week – Conditional vs Unconditional

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Conditional versus unconditional …. love, acceptance, support, compassion…..

Conditional, in my understanding is having or attaching a condition or parameter for giving something to someone else. For example, if I say “I accept your choices for you” only to later say to someone “yeah but you should have known this” or “I didn’t want to say anything at the time but….” Attaching a condition for loving someone translates into “if you do this I will love you more” or “if you don’t do this for me I will withhold support, understanding, love and I may even ignore or blow you off”.

Unconditional, in my understand is being wholly and completely open, accepting, supporting and being compassionate when things appear to not go the way we thought they would. Your decisions for you and your path are yours, not mine nor anyone elses. If I say to you “I accept your decisions, you have my support regardless of what you choose for you” trust I will not at some later date say “well I knew it wouldn’t work” or “why did you choose that you know you are always choosing wrongly, can’t you see what these choices are doing to you?” It is not my place nor anyone else’s place to judge whether or not your choices are “correct” or for “your highest good”.

True, each one of us has filters or veils through which we view, see and experience the journey before us, myself included. Daily I practice discernment. Discerning the “chihuahua ego chatter” from that of my truest desires to accept everyone, to include me, in the most open and loving way possible. To support someone means, unless there is grave danger to body or Spirit, to support them through crisis, emotional dis-stress, dis-harmony, assisting someone who reaches out to you to guide them back to their sense of balance and harmony.

Being or giving unconditionally does not ask of you nor does it require you or anyone else to remain in an un-loving environment, to remain in an unpleasant situation. It does not mean you allow another to violate your boundaries for you.

Each one of us desires, and at times craves to be accepted, loved and supported for who we are, choices we make along the way regardless if another understands us or our choices. Knowing that what one person chooses for himself / herself is their truth is all that is necessary for any of us to accept another’s choices, accepting their path is different from our own.

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