Angels – Angel of Power

Song of the Angels by Bouguereau, 1825–1905.

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What is power? Power is managing the Self, both physical and Spirit filled. Power is the attainment of self-empowerment, a sense of confidence in the knowing, sensing, seeing, hearing, believing and trusting in your inner guidance. It is practicing and having faith you are following your path, knowing you are being guided with loving-kindness.

Knowing your truth is the first step or conscious awareness towards power of the Self. How do you know what your truth is? Your truth is that which resonates within bringing clarity, harmony and a sense of fulfillment. Be willing to speak your truth to yourself.

Accepting you as you are now this moment is another step along the path before you in your awareness of who you truly are, a child of light and love, loved beyond measure. Acceptance is essential in learning to speak your truth, to walking in the light along your path, not the path of another.

Power is trusting that which you receive from Divine Source. Trusting and having faith that all is in Divine Order for the highest and best good of all concerned regardless of outward appearances, perceptions of others.

A Message from the Angel of Power*

Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Calm your mind, still your thoughts.  Feel this moment come to life.  There is only this moment there is no other.  Seek the light and love within you, there is no power greater than the Light of the Lord, Creator.  There is no power greater than the light which shines from within you this moment.  Become a beacon for yourself.  Illuminate all before you; accept all that has come before for it delivered you to where you find yourself now.  Look forward; focus upon where you choose to be.  Seek illumination within. Light the way for yourself, no other can light the way for you.  Look to the light beloved child for all is indeed in Divine Order.  If what you see, hear, feel, does not please you, choose differently.  In the choosing you empower you.  How shall you choose to celebrate, empowering yourself? *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

How would you manage both the physical and Spirit? Allow you to flow with Divine Source as it flows within, around and through you aligning you with Divine Source Energy.

There are as many paths as there are stars in the night skies. There are many twists and turns, things and people that co-incide one with the other. There are no accidents, there are no coincidences. There is only that which aligns you with Divine Source, should you choose to allow it.

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