Tip of the Week – Beacon of Light

Sea Lions..tender moments with each other..the...

Image by Carol Koceja©VacationTillMay28 via Flickr

Become a beacon of light. Shine through the darkness of betrayal, dissappointment. Shine through the shadow of hurt, pain and sorrow. Shine through the fog which appears to disguise your path. Shine through all that would attempt to hold you where you have been, hold you where are. Shine through your perception of all that is not of love and light. Shine through the fear of the unknown.

Allow your light to shine in all ways, in all you do, all you say, all you feel. Smile in the face of shadow. Smile in the face of the unknown. Acknowledge where you are keeping your eyes, both physcial and your inner sight on where you choose to be.

Be a beacon of light, what does this mean to you?

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