Spiritual Expansion – Honor Where You Are What does this mean?

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What does “honor where you are” mean? Does it mean you have to “stay where you are”? No, it means, feel your feelings, experience your emotions. It is not about: dwelling in negativity, fear, lack or launching a full on pity party for yourself. It is about acknowledging where you are in this moment, allowing yourself to purge what you are feeling. It is about being able to release the fear of not realizing your dreams, doing what you want, having a loving partner or attaining your financial goals. It does means detoxing your thoughts, your emotions, your physical body and your Aura, creating space for that which you do want to attract into your life.

Honoring your feelings means not “stuffing” or rowing down the river of “denial”. Everyone is entitled to express what they feel, a little “time-out” now and again. This does not give you or anyone else “license” to blast off, blow off or simply rant and rave about how “bad things are”. It does grant you a temporary pass to be with yourself, to reach out to someone who loves and supports you unconditionally to help you through this situation.

Do you not honor everything that is positive in your life? You celebrate many things; why not “celebrate” cleansing your emotions, healing heartbreak, easing disappointment. In honoring the opposite of all that is positive in your life, you are creating a vacuum for all you desire. You are creating healing in a positive, non-judgmental way for yourself. In healing your inner Self, you create an opportunity for forgiveness for all the mistakes you think you have made. In reality there are no mistakes. There are only choices made, choices which always lead you to where you are to be. True, some of the choices appear to be or have been distractions, detours along the way and indeed many are. This is not to say you would have appreciated where you are less had you chosen a more direct path. You simply did the best you could at the time. Now, you are free to choose again and again and again.

Tears are a sign of a shift in energy, a cleansing of the Soul, detoxing your emotions. It is not shameful or a sign of weakness to be vulnerable, to exhibit emotion, to need comfort. Part of walking the path in the physical realm is having, expressing and experiencing emotion. Being vulnerable requires strength and courage placing one foot in front of the other, wearing a smile on your face until it once again becomes your natural, joyous expression of your true Self. Being vulnerable is another way to say, here I am, I am open to all that awaits me, all that is for my highest and best good. I am here and I am choosing to open my heart and keep it open.

To feel emotion, to really feel it, is a gift for there are many more joys to celebrate than there are sorrows. If you are experiencing more sorrow than joy, it is time beloved on to really take a look at where you are and shift your focus, your energy to begin again.

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