Crystals – Tanzan Aura Quartz Known as Indigo Quartz

This special crystal is also known as Tanzine or as Indigo Quartz vibrates on a much  higher Spiritual plane of level of awareness. It encourages communication with the Soul, your Higher  Consciousness, and heightens your awareness of the Ethereal Realm.

Tanzan Aura Draws cosmic energy into the physical body, channeling very high  vibrations through all who work with this mystical quartz crystal. It enables the user to channel excess energy into Earth Mother for transformation and ultimately, transmutation into the light of Divine Source.

The more you work with Indigo Quartz, the more it assists you in bringing clarity to your visions.  It will aid you with dream interpretation enabling you to connect with your inner Self at deeper levels than you may have experienced before you began working with this  crystal.

The Indigo Quartz resonates with the Crown Chakra, Throat and Third Eye Chakra energy centers. Its primary source of energy is from the Cosmos which directly affects or interacts with the Soul
Star, the Chakra energy center located just about the Crown Chakra.

Tanzine assists with developing Intuitive abilities, strengthening and encouraging self-confidence in messages received. It also sustains multi-dimensional allowing the user to balance being in both the physical realm and the Realm of Spirit, expanding conscious awareness seeing beyond that which is directly in front of you.

*Angelic Realm Association: Ophaniel, Angel of the Moon, is thee Angel of intuition, Divine Order, Transformation, cycles of change and Ophaniel, when asked, will assist you in regaining your inner balance with that which is occurring within and around you.

*Healing Properties: reduces stress, restores balance on all levels simultaneously, restores inner sight, self-confidence

*Vibrational Frequency: very high, draws cosmic energy into the physical realm, highly Spiritual

*Spiritual Properties: Heightens intuition, multi-dimensional balance, expands Spiritual awareness

Tanzan Aura Quartz is Clear Quartz bonded with Indium, a rare mineral, Gold and Niobium, a blue-violet color and powerfully subtle energy frequency.

As with all stones and crystals of the blue ray, it will assist you with communication, speaking your truth, soothing calming the senses, instilling a sense of peacefulness and harmony within radiating outward from you inner essence of truth and beauty, love and light.

It will encourage you to open your Third  Eye, restoring sight as you seek answers to your life’s purpose, gaining  clarity and the courage to forward along you path. If you seek to “explore”  other dimensions,  other realms, Tanzan Aura Quartz is your gateway to astral projection along the many corridors of the Milky Way and other Star Galaxies.

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