Angels – Rainbow Angels Bridging the Realm of Spirit and the Physical Realm of Matter

Rainbow up close

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No two journeys  are exactly alike. All journeys flow one into the other, yet each flows separately. Each journey, each path is interwoven, interdependent yet uniquely your own. No  two steps are exactly the same as the steps which are now behind you.

There are many  symbols of life, of reaching from one dimension to another or one place to another bridging the gap from you find yourself to where you desire to be.

A rainbow is  perhaps one of the most incredible displays of light flowing seamlessly,  interconnecting one color ray with the other. It is a symbol of promise, unity  and energy healing. A bridge symbolizes connection, transformation, a journey  from one horizon to another. The Rainbow Bridge interconnects one dimension with  another, offering balance, multi-dimensional integration in its purest form as  gifted to each one of us from Divine Source Energy, Creator of All There Is.

We, each one of  us is being gifted with a journey across the cosmos, along the Rainbow bridge, allowing us  an opportunity to connect our conscious minds with the Realm of Spirit, and AngelsArchangel  Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God, is the Guardian of Rainbow Light and  Rainbow Angels.  The crystal associated  with this Archangel in relation to Rainbow Light, is Apophyllite. Apophyllite’s Spiritual properties enable it to lift the veil between the Realm  of Spirit and the physical realm. The color signifying this color ray is white, pure Divine White Light.

There are three crystalline formations which  resonate with Angels. They are Angelite, Fluorite and Angel Aura.

Violet is the highest vibration of light, it is  considered both the beginning and the end or the completion of energy vibration. Vihianna is the Angel of the Violet Ray, Sugilite is the crystalline  mineral associated with this Rainbow Angel.

Indigo is the color which resonates with the  Third Eye, both inner and outer sight. Indigo symbolizes infinity, that which  is beyond the known and the unknown. Jordianna is the Angel of the Indigo Ray,  whose crystal is Tanzan Aura enabling each of us to draw cosmic energy into our  physical bodies transformation for all who seek an expanded sense of  awareness.

Blue is the color of emotion, movement, flowing with the stream of energy rather than against it. Blue is the color of  Divinity, life giving water and seamless transition. Arrianna is the Angel of
the Blue Ray. Aqua Aura is the crystal associated with blue ray, peacefulness, harmony and Spirituality.

Green is at the center, the heart of the Rainbow bridging both realms, symbolizing balance, healing, nurturing, growth, prosperity and abundance. Lillianna is the Angel of Green Ray. Green Tourmaline is a master healing stone, reaching far beyond the known into the realm of forgetfulness, retrieving health and stability, regaining strength and vitality.

The color yellow symbolizes warmth, energy,  growth, clarity of mind. Irianna is the Angel of the Yellow Ray gifting us with  joy, and a sense of vibrancy within. Imperial Gold expresses all that
Yellow Ray signifies.

Orange encourages clarity of mind, encouraging  wisdom of choice, a sense of vibrancy gifting all with discernment. Elianna is the Angel of Orange Ray whose crystal is Citrine. Citrine empowers all who choose to work with it, instilling a sense of confidence to move forward along your path.

The color red is most associated with passion and prosperity, a sense of belonging and high energy. Dalirianna is the Angel of the Red Ray. Carnelian is a stone of grounding excess energy, allowing
gentle release into Mother Earth for transmutation all that is no longer needed, all that is now behind you.

Join me along this journey across the Rainbow  discovering the Rainbow Angels and the many gifts which await each one of us.

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