June, 2011 Renew Your Spirit – Angel Muriel – Quan Yin – Rose Quartz

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Renew Your Spirit

            for the Mystic Healer within Each of Us

Angel of the Month – Muriel

Muriel, whose name means, “God’s Perfume, is the Angel of Scent, the sweet nectar of Divine Light, emotion and grace within. When asked, Muriel will assist you in calming emotions allowing all that is no longer needed or wanted to simply be released from within. Be willing to release all that no longer serves you, all that is now behind you. Be willing to open your heart to all that is in front of you with gentle courage as you travel the path before you.

Mystical Goddess of the Month – Quan Yin

Quan Yin is the Mystical Goddess of compassion, nurturing your inner-Spirit with loving kindness. Quan Yin’s energy is soft, giving and loving filled with compassion for all regardless of where you find yourself in this moment or the next. This Mystical Goddess is often depicted sitting, standing or holding a Lotus blossom symbolic of renewal and regeneration. The  Sacred Lotus of renewal resides within your heart center. It will assist you in renewing your Spirit as you focus upon gifting all, including you, compassion.

Crystal or Mineral of the Month – Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, kindness, compassion and heartfelt forgiveness. The soft, gentle yet powerful vibration of love is unlike any other. Love has the capability to heal all wounds past or present. Love is the most powerful of all emotions, of all vibrational energy frequencies. Be willing to fill your heart space with love, releasing all things into the light for transformational healing.

Be open to receiving all you request, all you seek. All is unfolding before you in Divine Grace.

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