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The Guardian of Rainbow Light is the Gatekeeper of Divine White Light, the Guardian of Pure Divine White Light. White Light in the world of art is the absence of all color, a type of void. In the Realm of Spirit, white light is all inclusive; it is all that is of love and light. White light shines before you through the stillness showing you the way along your path. It shines through all that would blind you to seeing, to discerning all that is not for your highest and best good, for your Higher-Self.  Pure Divine White Light is the essence of All There Is in all Realms.

Archangel Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God is the Guardian of all that is sacred, all that is of love and light. This Archangel is purity in its wholeness, it is complete unto itself.  Ask for guidance, for  assistance in discovering your Life’s Purpose. Once you have asked, be open to guidance given be willing to step beyond your comfort zone into all you already are in the Realm of Spirit.

Apophyllite, a beautiful gleaming milky-white crystal, will assist you in lifting the veil between the physical realm of matter and the Realm of Spirit. It will promote a sense of expanded consciousness; enhance your innate intuitive ability. It resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra energy centers.

You may also choose to work with the following Crystals and Minerals in reaching through the veil between Realms:

*Angelite: instills a sense of peaceful calm and tranquility, enabling the healer to deepen his or her connection with Angels. It resonates with the Throat, Crown and Third Eye Chakra energy centers. Be willing to expand your awareness with yourself and the Realm of Spirit, with Rainbow Angels.

*Angel Aura: its shimmering light resembles a Rainbow in all its glorious colors. It will allow you to reach through the veil of forgetfulness into the Realm of Angels. If you listen closely, with an open heart, you will hear the song of Angels. You might even begin to sense the energy of Rainbow Angels all around you.

*Fluorite:the stone of the Rainbow Bridge of Light, empowering all who have the courage to step all that is known into a marvelous realm of energy and light unlike any other. Expand your sense of knowing; re-charge your Chakra energy centers simultaneously. This stone will calibrate itself to your vibrational frequency, gently, cleansing and balancing your entire physical Be-ing with your truest, purest
sense of Self, your Inner-Self.

Are you willing to close your eyes, opening your heart and your mind to an incredible journey across the sky across time and space as we know it journeying across this realm into the Realm of Rainbow Angels?

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  1. Amber says:

    Last night as I was reading “angel medicine” by doreen virtue…a book where I literally use a beautiful Apophyllite cluster as a book mark I saw a flash of rainbow light…a small orb I guess you could say..and I’m used to seeing these but typically they are golden light…this one was on the page and I could see the full spectrum of rainbow light within it. A google search for rainbow light led me I used this information and asking Archangel Taharial for guidance in my life’s mission. Thank you…the topic of my life’s mission has been on my mind all day, and this article certainly was of some benefit to me. 🙂

  2. So I have been matched up with a young lady as a twin flame by my Angel’s and have been mirroring her for the last month in a half. We have not been on very good terms as I have not done a very good job of asking her out when my spirit guide has prompted me to. She is a bit immature I guess and not one to make it easy to approch her to ask her out. Everytime I miss it and ask her out in a time out of cynic with my Spirit Guide’s timing I am always brought to a place where there is a rainbow and the rainbow is brought to my attention as a sign of my covenant with my God. I have done this 4 times now and yesterday one of the rainbows was touching a street I was on so I was able to pass right through it. This was a great life time experience when you figure 7 billion people on the earth and a tiny sliver of that number will ever get to experience it. There were other cars there as well and some were pulling over and stopping in the center dividing lane to experience it. This was the second rainbow of the day for my viewing pleasure. Blessing to you for the article and for your insight into this matter.

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