Prayer Request – Aligning Energy from Within

Angels near and far, Angels by our side we ask you to help us re-align our energy with Divine Source.

We ask, I ask for all who are open to receiving the gift of life from this moment forward, to experience peaceful harmony within now without delay.

Angels, for all who suffer heartbreak, pain or sorrow, we ask in their name to be soothed with your loving energy. Touch the hearts of all who seek to release all that no longer serves their highest and best good, their Higher-Self.

Angels we thank you for your guidance, for always being by our side responding to our requests in the moment of the asking.

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  1. nobuko sekino says:

    I have a man who I love with all my heart whose name is Erik Cleveland. Pray so we will be able to get along well and get married soon.

  2. David Athanasius says:

    Request for prayer:-
    Please pray and ask for miracle do happen soon for me in a very special way as I facing a very bad broken relationship with my very best friend by the name of SETH TAN. Please pray that God will grant the grace of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. Pray that we will become a good friend again. May God make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. God, please touch the heart of my friend Seth so that he will forgive and come back to me again. AMEN.

    • Hello David,

      Your prayer request has been placed into the Angel’s prayer box …. close your eyes, breathe deeply exhaling slowly …. see your friend, your friendship and the entire situation wrapped in Rose Light … begin the healing process, do your forgiveness work … be willing to release the outcome …. walk in the light of love and forgiveness for all is unfolding before you ….

      Transcend the Ordinary,
      Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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