Prayer Request – Thanks-Giving and Gratitude

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Hello Angels, today instead of asking for something  we offer a prayer of thanks-giving and gratitude for the many blessings in our lives now this moment.

Thank you for life-giving breath

Thank you for life-giving water to drink

Thank you for life-giving food to eat

Thank you for life-saving shelter

Thank you for the many blessings seen and unseen

Thank you for always being near to answer all requests

Thank you for making your presence known to us in times of need, distress and confusion

Thank you for the many opportunities before us

Thank you for all you assist us with along the path before us

Thank you for all these things and more

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  1. irenaberdon says:

    Thank you angel for the gift of the healing energies of Reiki

  2. Lavina says:

    we prayed in many centers and we visited many places to pray to Jesus that our granny should become well.and finally she is well.thank u Jesus .halleluia praise the lord

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