The Energy of Relationships and You!

It’s Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, 
and I’ve been thinking about you.
The reason is, a lot of people have confiding in me 
that despite all they are doing to attract a loving 
relationship, “the one” for them, they are 
discouraged, disappointed, and feeling very
frustrated and that somehow they’re not good enough.
How many of these resonate for you?
*over giving as a way of making sure
someone sees how special you are
*settling for less than you deserve
*accepting excuses and disrespect 
just so you will not be alone
*attracting needy, demanding or jealous
partners who question where you are
and what you are doing
*deciding in advance “this probably won’t work
BUT I will try to make this work because I
hate being alone” (and discounting yourself)
*practicing all of those mindset and attraction
techniques but with few results to show for all
you do
*letting people take advantage of your kind heart
and compassion just to have “someone”
*feeling discouraged and frustrated at not being able to
attract the kind of person you want to be with
*feeling like you are doing all the work in a 
relationship “to keep it all together”
*being the best kept secret to your ideal partner
It’s time to stop blaming yourself 
because the problem is NOT with you!
If you keep finding yourself in situations like these
it’s ALL BECAUSE of your feelings about relationships.
Everyone deserves to have a loving relationship. 
How you feel about yourself determines
EVERYTHING about your relationships.
Which is why I’m going to walk you through -LIVE-
step-by-step, how to heal your relationship energy,
move forward and finally ATTRACT the relationship 
you have always wanted AND deserve.
Investing one day, 6 hours of your time and 
energy with me is going to transform your life, period.
So watch for my special invitation during the next
few days and save the date because on August 23rd
I am opening up just 4 spots to work with me in my 
BRAND NEW Energy of Relationships and You 
Small Group Intensive!
Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
Terrie Marie
the Angel Lady

ps…mark your calendar on August 23rd for 
The Energy of Relationships and You Intensive!
Be sure to watch for my special invitation
and I will talk to you soon!

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