Spiritual Expansion – A Path Less Traveled by the Angel Lady

What is A Path Less Traveled? It is the path that often opens before you without a guide-book, the one which often appears to be traveled alone.  It is the path of opportunity to share the light within with others, to reach beyond the fear of the unknown. A path filled with choice, strength, courage and at times being “invisible” to many, many others who simply cannot see the brightness of the light radiating through you.

There are many who see what they choose to see. There are many who choose not to see, instead choosing to see that which serve only their interests regardless of truth.

Truth is specific and unique to all that walk, fly, crawl and those who simple flow with that which is around them. Truth is what resonates for you, not my truth for you, your truth for you. Yet there are those who disrespect the truth of others even though they insist you respect their truth. This is indeed a challenge at times. At other times it is not, instead it is a gift of truly seeing and accepting another as you accept yourself.

At all times it is my intention to follow guidance, sharing messages given to me by Angels who guide me. It is time, as I am being “told” to share with you about my path. It is not my way to share personal challenges, concerns or triumphs over fear with but a handful of trusted “family”.

This is the story of Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady.  As I “sit before you” I remember to breathe, quiet my mind and the embrace the vulnerability of sharing that which I have kept sacred within.

In an effort to share rather than bore you, let us begin by sharing with you as with countless Light Workers among us, my journey began long ago. I never felt like I “fit” anywhere. It always felt as if I were somehow out of sync with all around me no matter how I tried. There were many times I simply wanted to “be like others”. The skin which appears to define my energy is often “too tight” and somewhat confining.

Moving forward, it was nearly one year ago, July 27, 2010 that my life changed in a very dramatic unforeseen way. It is the best thing that could have happened, if it had not happened we, you and I, would not be having this “conversation”.  I was released, laid off from a position I held for 9 plus years without any notice. A mere 24 hours later, I was notified by my former employer that I had been “fired for employee misconduct” and sent a letter stating I was not eligible for rehire.

It is the best thing that happened. True it was totally unexpected, the remaining details are of no consequence as I am here to share with you a different part of this journey, A Path Less Traveled, mine. Yes, there were many tears during the first few months, moments of doubt, questioning what I had done or not done, much forgiveness work. Even during some of the darker, shadow filled moments, I
gave thanks for being free.

At this time, I ask your indulgence in giving my heartfelt gratitude to all who have shared this path with me. I appreciate your having been there for me in those early days and at the times when I doubted myself. I felt discarded as something that was of little use and simply thrown away. During this last year, there are some who no longer share the path with me. They have chosen to stay where they are,
while I accept this unconditionally, I admit there are moments when I miss each of these people. The only gift, the one true gift I can give to myself and to all, is that of unconditional love, accepting everyone as they are and gracefully stepping aside as each person honors that which is before them as I strive to be judgment free.

That which is shared through me to assist you I have worked through and at times continue to work with and through. I am blessed to have “family” by my side who truly honor my path, who support without condition times when it appears I am not being human enough or conversely at times being, too human.

When you look into your mirror, see the light the Spark of Divinity within you allowing it to radiate outward for all to see. There are many who seek the light only to attempt to extinguish it or wish to influence your light for self-gratification.

Be strong, remember to breathe, quiet your mind. Know all is well with you for you are whole, complete and perfect now this moment.

My sole purpose is to radiate light, express love without condition, to experience all that is before me and to assist you along your path, not my path for you, your path for you. Shift your energy change your life.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you all I have. May you always sense Angels by your side.

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie

the Angel Lady

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