Spiritual Expansion – Chi Life-Force Energy What Is It Anyway

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Energy in its most simplistic form can be described as an electrical current. It is a feeling you get when you “know” something. Energy is the current of thought and emotion which connects us to others and to places we have visited.  It can be a feeling you get when something doesn’t feel right or your skin crawls as if warning you to beware of what is happening around you.

There is of course, both positive and negative energy. Broken down to its purest level, there are only two forms or types of energy love and fear. Love is everything that resonates, anything that creates a sense  of joy, happiness, bliss, harmony, a sense of peacefulness. Fear is all about disconnection from Source, from love and light. Fear based energy is laced with doubt, fear, dis-harmony, feelings of not being worthy, betrayal and many other names.

It is more than possible to become attached to situations and experiences. Can you remember a time when you experienced something that was less than pleasant? Allow your mind to re-visit for a few moments. Now remember or go to a place in your memories that is very pleasant. Feel your body release stress and tension experiencing a sense of comfort and ease.

If you chose to do so, you brought to the surface two memories which are filled with negative and positive emotional energy.  Your mind recalls all the details whether or not they were pleasant as if you are living the experience or situation in this moment. Neither your mind nor your emotions creates a distinction between what no longer is and what is occurring now.

As your mind travels along the corridors of your thoughts and emotions it re-creates a memory as if for the first time. An emotional heartbreak feels as it happened just a moment ago. It is the same with loving thoughts. Remembering someone expressing compassion or love brings a smile to your face as if the kind gesture or love-filled words are being expressed now.

Among the many types of energy exchange, there is compassion, doubt, love, confusion, envy, genuine celebration, happiness and pleasure. As you go about your daily life there are interactions with many, many people in a variety of ways. Walking past someone, speaking on the phone, through email or text messages, all are forms of communication which create an opportunity for the exchange of energy both positive and negative.

There are some who are not capable or unwilling to generate energy for themselves and simply “feed” off the energy of others. An energy vampire most often leaves you feeling drained, tired and on occasion a little irritable. Most exchanges of energy are positive, a giving and receiving of energy.

Everyone and everything is energy, both positive and negative. Even when you are in the best frame of mind and your attitude is one of gratitude, it is more than possible to encounter unwanted energy from other sources. As you speak with people, going about your day, you interact not only with your own emotional energy you also encounter and interact or re-act to the other people’s energies.

Your physical body is a magnet for many, many types of energy depending on where you are physically and emotionally. Lower, dirty energy collects and is then stored throughout your entire Be-ing to include your Auric energy field and Ethereal energy body.

It is essential to cleanse and balance your energy regularly, to allow your physical body to heal and renew itself. Detaching energy cords from your physical body also clears your Aura and Ethereal energy

The most important reason to re-align, allowing the free-flow of positive energy is freeing you from all that would block your inner alignment with the Creator, the Divine Source of All There Is, the Spark
of Divinity within you. In truth, you are always connected. The feeling of separation or internal blockage is caused with your being out of alignment with your true core essence, your true Self which is unconditional love, a conduit for Source Light.

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  1. Rose Wizzard says:

    I Thank You Terri-Marie!
    Brilliantly Said! I think this is also particularly relevant for those who work in public-facing roles, shop assistants, teachers and so on. Being aware of how to rid one self of less than positive energies is crucial.

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