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The color red is almost primal in its vibration and its intensity. It signifies anger, protection, heat, flame, passion. Red also resonates with a sense of belonging. It commands attention. This color is also grounding as Mother Earth often displays marvelous high energy reds from the center of all inner creation.

Dalirianna is the Angel of the Red Ray. Her energy is high, powerful, full of action and able to transform all in her path.  The base of our physical existence begins in passion and journey’s through many series of fight or flight experiences.

Gifts brought to all who are open to seeing, hearing, feeling and even given to action are endless possibilities for rising about and beyond the base nature from which it is said all creatures are born.

Resonating with the Root or Basic Chakra, this color is the very essence of life in many forms. It is the strongest hue in the prism of the Rainbow. Its energy is vibrant, its wavelength the longest and at times the “loudest” for it will not be ignored.

The stones which correspond with this base energy, the stones with which Dalirianna works most closely are Carnelian and Red Jasper.

Carnelian is also known as the Artist’s Stone, it activates creativity, possibly unearthing hidden talent or latent gifts. It is an excellent stone for relieving depression, grounding, overall well-being; aids in focusing thoughts, intensify concentration, increase physical energy. It will assist the Soul along its journey through the physical realm. Work with Carnelian will encourage a sense of self-trust, enabling the user to better discern the many choices before them. Among its amazing properties is the ability to release energy blockages, freeing you to move forward through fear.

Red Jasper is a powerful yet most often subtle, assisting you significantly over time. It is capable of balancing your inner-Self with your outer physical body. Red Jasper closely resonates with Earth Mother and will assist you on Shamanic Journeys. Take heed to prepare yourself properly should you choose to undergo a Shamanic Journey.

A Message from Dalirianna*

Beloved child of earth, you are loved beyond your understanding beyond your knowing. There is always a way to surround you with that which protects and provides for your every need. There is no more
basic a need than that of survival on many levels in many ways. It is not so much the survival of the fittest as in against one another. It is more about the survival of you against the ego chatter which creates a sense of fear rather than that of love and harmony. Take heed for all is before you with openness and passion for all that lay before you. Allow you to reach through the fear of that which faces you in the moment, knowing you are whole, complete and perfect. Call upon me I shall lead you through all to love transforming all, if you will but allow it. Go in peace, flow with rather than against. All is well.
*channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

The gift of transformation is in its very nature is one of consumption. Fire and flame consume, transform and ultimately creates transmutation preparing thoughts, emotions, and at times the physical realm for transcendence.

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