Crystals – Ametrine Crystal of Mental and Spiritual Clarity

A beautiful and naturally occurring combination of Amethyst and Citrine Quartz assists all who seek to better align themselves with the Spark of Divinity within. Ametrine encourages self-expression, self-acceptance and enhanced self-esteem, dissolving blockages within the emotional energy body and the Auric energy field.

It will assist in recharging the Etheric Body, connecting the user with the Realm of Spirit, reaching ever higher levels of consciousness. This crystal duo protects the user when worn or carried on the body. It facilitates the transformation of lower energy vibrations and is a powerful energy cleanser, aiding in the transmutation of negative energy from the physical body and the Aura.

Ametrine resonates with the Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Crown chakras creating a unique energy signature for all who are drawn to this high energy crystalline form. Where Amethyst and Citrine come together there is often a slight greenish-gold tint. The vibration of this crystal is phenomenal!

The Solar Plexus is the center for mental clarity, manifestation, creative co-creation and empowerment.

The Crown Chakra is the physical realm entry of our connection with Divine Source Energy.  Ametrine enables both the Solar Plexus and the Crown Chakra energy centers to integrate their unique energies one with other, balancing the physical and Spiritual Realms.

The Third Eye chakra is the center for inner-sight, divination, intuition and for seeing with clarity.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Michael whose name means, He Who Is Like God, will assist you in clearing confusion often associated with lower negative thoughts and emotions.

Archangel Sandalphon, whose name means, Power and Glory of God, will assist you in focusing your thoughts and discernment.

*Ascended Master:  ST Germain will assist all who seek to be free from the constraints of limiting beliefs, freeing themselves and enabling all to rise above, realizing the Spark of Divinity within.

Merlin, the Mystic Magician assists all with reconnecting with their inner magic, the truth of what is yet to manifest in to physical form.

Lord Kuthumi is the Ascended Master of Love, Wisdom and Understanding. He will, when asked, assist and encourage you to discover or re-discover self-love. Self-love clears the pathway to all you desire.

*Healing Properties: self-expression, dissolve emotional blockages, protection, self-expression, manifestation

*Vibrational Frequency: powerful energy cleanser, detoxing within physical body and Aura

*Spiritual Properties: clarity, discernment, deepens Spiritual Realm connection

As you experience more and more levels of conscious awareness of who you truly are, you become more aware or your physical surroundings and your Spiritual path as it unfolds before you.

Hold Ametrine in your left hand as you meditate, it will enhance your experience and encourage the release of that no longer resonates with you.

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