Spiritual Expansion – What Are Spiritual Truths and Spiritual Agreements

It is said by many that agreements and contracts are made before agreeing to experience life in physical form. It is also said that there is a veil of forgetfulness that causes the Soul which inhabits a physical body to “forget” as if the slate is wiped clean. Yet, for many there are distant memories of places, times, relationships and experiences that cannot be explained rationally nor for the most part validated.

What is a Spiritual Truth? It is that which resonates within your heart center, the very core of your inner essence. It is a sense of “knowing” someone whom you have just met in physical form during your current life-time in this realm. It is a distant memory of another place or time. A Spiritual Truth is ancient knowledge. It can be a sense of “not fitting” a feeling which can at times seem a bit overwhelming.

It is a longing to “go home” which is not the same as transitioning from this life through death of the physical body. It can also be a reflection of not understanding why you are in physical form although deep within your Soul you are very aware of the greater good, the light you came to share, raising the vibration within you and others who share the path with you.

What is a Spiritual Agreement? An agreement is a form of contract that you chose to abide by during your experience in this realm as a physical being. An agreement does not mean that all things, all experiences must be difficult or traumatic. There are many choices which in turn create an unlimited supply of choices and opportunities with which to experience all that you agreed to do.

Choices made determine the way in which your chosen path unfolds before you. I do not hold the belief that all things, experiences and situations are pre-determined or pre-destined to occur. How a Spiritual Agreement unfolds as you travel your path is chosen moment by moment.

An agreement to fulfill your Life’s Purpose is not negotiable. The way in which you fulfill the agreement, living your Spiritual Truths are determined through life experiences as you weave through the beliefs of others which are often projected on to you.

There are countless factors, choices, decisions which create the tapestry of your in physical form. When you stop and turn to see where you have been, it often appears to be a tangled web of distraction and misdirection. In truth, you would not have experienced all that has brought you to where you are now. It is also a truth that had you followed your heart, your inner heart center regardless of what others think or thought about you the path would have been smoother.

You have the choice to remain where you are or start now to begin living in your truth, speaking and acting with loving kindness first for you and then with others.  Begin where you are, choosing differently.
Speak differently. Act differently. Reach through the fear of the unknown.

Ask Angels to guide your steps, your thoughts, your actions. Ask Angels to heal you, your body, your emotions, your Spirit.

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    I am blessed with the topic

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