HomeStudy Course!!! Connecting with Angels How to Receive Guidance and Messages from Angels!


It’s Terrie Marie the Angel Lady with something exciting to share with you!

Over the past several months I have received many email messages saying that many people wished they were in the El Paso, Texas area so they could attend my workshops and all-day Intensives!

After much thought, I have begun to make available many of my workshops and all-day Intensives as HomeStudy Courses just for you!

So (drum roll please giggling….I am just a little excited can you tell!) ………. OK here it is……

Introducing my 1st HomeStudy Course Connecting with Angels How to Receive Guidance and Messages from Angels!

What is in this HomeStudy Course? There are 7 Lessons, which include a guided meditation to meet your Guardian Angels, AND how to invoke Angelic Protection anytime, anywhere you want
or need instantly!

OK here is an overview of the 7 Lessons:

Lesson 1 – An Introduction to Angels

Lesson 2 – How You Can Connect with Angels

Lesson 3 – How to Receive Guidance and Messages from Angels

Lesson 4 – 4 Ways to Discover, Strengthen and Expand Your Conscious Awareness of Angels

Lesson 5 – Meet Your Guardian Angel (guided meditation)

Lesson 6 – An Introduction to 7 Archangels

Lesson 7 – Invoking Angelic White Light Protection

For detailed information about what is in each of the lessons click here! There is a lot of information that is in this HomeStudy Course!

In an effort to make this easy for you, I have created two versions for you. A Digital Version which includes a PDF document of the entire Course manual AND an audio recording so you can, if you choose, listen to the lessons.

The 2nd is a Shippable Version if you prefer to have a hard copy of my HomeStudy Course Connecting with Angels.

I am offering you a special introductory savings of $10 whether you choose the Digital Version or the Shippable Version!

Better hurry because this special offer is only good through Sunday, August 28th!

Beginning, Monday, August 29th the Digital Version is $47 and the Shippable Version is $67 (plus shipping).

Connecting with Angels is a wonderful way to connect with your Guardian Angels and with Archangels!

Don’t miss out on the savings! Click here to order your HomeStudy Course today!

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie

the Angel Lady

Ps…please share this email with everyone who is interested in Angels and receiving guidance and messages from Angels!

Pss…special introductory offer is good until Sunday, August 28th  click here to order your Connecting with Angels HomeStudy Course right away!


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    the Friendly Side of Money for Light-Workers and Healers – Angel Lady Terrie Marie's BlogHomeStudy Course!!! Connecting with Angels How to Receive Guidance and Messages from Angels!

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