Angels – Nisroc is the Angel of Freedom

Peacful Harmon

In all things, all situations there is the freedom of choice. Perhaps you may not be able to choose each moment to your liking. You can choose how to react and how to interact with all that is happening round you and even within you.

Nisroc, whose name means, Great Eagle, is ready to assist you along the path before you. He will, when asked, help you see and feel clearly, which in turn allows you to release all that your shoulders carry. If you are constantly juggling so many things, situations, experiences and memories of what is now behind you, how can you possibly be free?

What is freedom exactly? In my way of understand, freedom is the gift of choice. The choice to remain in the past, to remain in pain and sorrow or to remain stuck in energy that no longer serves you. What does that mean when someone says “release all that no longer serves you”? It means if you are always looking backwards, finding fault with what you did or did not do or said how can you possibly move forward in your life towards all you truly desire to manifest into physical form?

A Message from Angel Nisroc*

There is much which faces you. Each moment, day, and night unfold with great mystery before you. How shall you choose to express your inner-Self that which is of love and light?  How shall you choose to walk upon the path before you?  Imagine you are on the back of a great bird, a bird with great strength and gentleness. Allow your Spirit to release all earthly worries and concerns as you soar on the back of a great Eagle Breathe deeply, for there is only the joy of simply Be-ing upon the back of this great bird. There is nothing to fear dear one for there is much to celebrate, much to be thankful for.  Embrace the freedom to be who you truly are. Embrace the light, embrace the magnificence of this great bird as it wraps you in its majestic wings with tenderness and strength.  Love is all there is. Truth is all there is. Allow you the freedom to experience all that is before you. Choose to listen to your inner guidance. Reality is that which you create from within. Begin within you this moment, know your truth, live your truth, speak your truth. The truth shall set you free to be your authentic Self, created in love, radiating light for all to see. Walk in the light beloved child. Fear cannot hold you in the darkness of lack. Fear cannot hold you from your good. Fear cannot withhold that which you desire most. Walk in the light beloved child, for the light shall cast out darkness and shadow before you, behind you, above you and from below your feet. Walk in the light; allow your inner light to shine with grace and ease. We are many who guide you, love you, and protect you. Do not be afraid for the light of the Lord shall go before you. Do not be afraid, for the love of the Lord shall embrace you all your days. Allow your inner spirit the freedom to simply Be.  *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Remember freedom is a choice. It is a choice to start where you are moving forward one step at a time. It means facing the fear of not knowing exactly where you are going or how you are going to get there! Freedom is getting off the roller-coaster unless you prefer to stay where you are. You have the choice to remain where you are or begin where you find yourself and begin one step at a time.

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  1. Maureen Gibson says:

    Very informative

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