Spiritual Expansion – Energy Is Everything and Everything Is Energy

As we grow closer to the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, there is much talk in many places about how quickly time is flying by! It seems that no matter where you find yourself or in what kind of situation, things and time seem to moving at increasing rates of speed. Nothing is slowing down. Time which is a form of energy waits for no one.

What is energy and why is it so important? As the title of this article suggests, energy is everything and everything is energy. There is nothing in physical form or in the Realm of Spirit that is not energy in one form or another.

Allow me to explain the way in which I understand this thing or non-physical substance we call energy. It is something that is both seen and unseen. It has mass and it is transparent. It is light and it is dark. Energy is all invasive, giving and compassionate and it can also at times seem to be totally ruthless and unforgiving.

Energy is tangible. It is evasive. It is free flowing, it is often collected and can become stagnant. It will not be ignored on any level in this realm of physical matter or in the Realm of Spirit.

Crystals and minerals vibrate to various energy frequencies. A Rainbow exhibits a prism of color; each color in turn vibrates to its own frequency or wave length.

Words are energy. Your actions, thoughts and emotions carry and create energy.  All you do, think say and feel project energy. Have you ever experienced or felt uncomfortable when you walk into a room where there has been an argument?  The reverse is also true. When there is a lot of joy and happiness there is a sense of lightness in the surrounding air.

There are places in Sedona, Arizona for example, which are home to several gateways or what are called energy vortexes. An energy vortex is occupies a space in which that which is in physical form and that which is non-physical are able to sense one another with greater ease. An energy vortex is a space which is capable of collecting, projecting and radiating energy in massive amounts at very high rates of speed and frequency.

People and especially animals sense energy in countless ways. It is possible to feel or sense how a person is feeling or what kind of mood they are in through email and text messages.

It is possible to discern, if you are willing to truly listen, when someone has made up their mind to remain where they are, stuck and feeling stagnant because it is easier than giving up what they are holding onto.

Can you remember a time when you thought of someone and suddenly you saw this person, received an email, text or a close friend spoke of this person? Perhaps you heard this person’s name unexpectedly. All are signs that you are receiving or tuning in to energy in one form or another.

Angels are sentient Beings of light and energy, filled with Divine White Light and love. An Angel is capable of being everywhere in every moment as are your thoughts and emotions.

Energy is a part of life. It is an integral component of all living things. It is also part of all things that are not considered alive. There is nothing that is not energy. Energy is everything. It is everywhere. Everything is energy.

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