Angels – Angels – The Angel of Power and Your Transformation


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Begin where you are. The place in which you find yourself is the culmination of all that has come before this moment. Everything you have felt, experienced and all you have thought about you and your circumstances are now behind you. The path before you is filled with the gift of choosing differently.

What is transformation and what does it mean for you? Transformation is the changing or shifting of energy, patterns of behavior and outdated patterns of thought and action. Transformation is evolving to another space or level of understanding. It means you are the same because in reality you are whole, complete and perfect and yet everything has changed.

Your Spirit is contained within the same physical body, yet all within and around you have shifted to a higher energy vibration. As your energy continues to shift you are gifted with clarity, discernment and greater insight into your truth, the truth you of who you truly are, the truth you brought with you into this realm of dense physical matter.

A Message from the Angel of Power*

The power of Diving Love and Light is within you.  The power of Divine Love and Light is within all creatures, within all things.  The power of Divine Love and Light enfolds all creatures, all things.  The power of Divine Love and Light is gentle in its strength.  The power of Divine Love and Light illuminates all people, places, situations.  The power of Divine Love and Light is to be used wisely, with integrity.  Are you willing to allow Divine Love and Light to cast out negativity, purify intentions towards yourself and towards others? Are you willing to allow Divine Love and Light to transform you beginning within you inner-Self?  Are you willing to receive all that you seek?  Are you willing to release that which does not serve you?  Are you willing to release judgment?  Are you willing to forgive you and others for all wrongs, real or perceived?  Are you willing to go within, seeing with clarity?  Are you willing to open yourself to the many transformational truths before you this moment?  How shall you choose to use gifts given to you this day? *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Seek alignment with your true Self, the very core of your existence in this realm of dense physical matter and that of the Realm of Spirit.

Are you truly ready and willing to transform, to commit to you and your path, your Life’s Purpose? Words are simply words with little more than puffed air if there is no action to echo what is said. If you are truly ready to begin where you are, to choose differently take a deep breath and release all that you have ever known.

If you are truly ready to begin again, be willing to step out and away from walls of resistance, the boundaries and the reasons of why you cannot move forward. There is always a way to move beyond your current sense of knowing. Close your eyes see all that awaits you, heal the gap between where you are and where you truly want to be.

Take a leap of faith; step out in the seeming abyss of nothingness into the truth, into the light. Trust you are supported, trust you have the knowledge. Trust the one to guide you has arrived and is before you now this moment. Transformation is the key to expanding, to discovering your Life’s Purpose and the pathway to enlightenment.

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  1. Wonderful and reassuring. There are so many levels of support and direction. This is one of the best. I strongly believe in Angels and thank you for channeling this beautiful message.

    • Hello Lisa,
      Angels are always with each one of us. May you always sense Angels by your side.
      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Terrie Marie
      the Angel Lady

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