Spiritual Expansion – What Is Metaphysics

Snowy Egret Fishing in Shoreline Lake

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We hear the word Metaphysics quite often and yet its meaning may be a bit mysterious. In its simplest form, Metaphysics is that which is beyond the physical. We could simply leave it at that and be on our merry way but that would be a disservice to you.

Beyond the physical, what does this mean? It can mean many things. So we shall begin with my understanding of what beyond the physical means.

Seeing is one way to discern what is in physical form and that which is not. That which is seen with your eyes can be deceiving. Meaning someone may be a master of concealing their true intentions. Yet being able to see beyond surface appearances is a gift of discernment. It is not about being able to see or not see through your Third Eye. It is about being able or being willing to see beyond what another is projecting for you to see.

Hearing guidance is hearing with your intuition, your inner ears. It is hearing the whispering of messages and guidance in the form of energy in all its subtle and not so subtle vibrations.
Having and practicing faith and trust is believing in that which is not yet manifested into physical form. Yet you just know it is about to manifest as you travel the path before you.  There is a sense or feeling or anticipation, things just feel different.

Many have a sense of what is about to happen, it is simply a sense of knowing yet there is little to nothing tangible to validate this sense of knowing.

Spirit is beyond dense physical matter. Spirit is something we sense, we simply know it is within us and around us. Spirit manifests in the form of Angels, signs, Spirit Guides, the scent of someone who has transitioned from this life. Spirit is the Spark of Divinity within each living creature. There is a Spark within all things to include crystals and minerals. The Spark exists even within the darkest of shadows among us.

Beyond the physical is many things and it is one thing. It is anything that is not dense physical matter and yet it is so much more than that. It is projecting your energy to another person, place or time. It is radiating that which is within you whether you are consciously aware of what you are doing or not. It happens, it is a Cosmic or Universal Law. Energy is permeates all things.

Metaphysics is the believing in that which cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or heard with any of your physical senses. To be open to that which is unseen by the human eye, not touched by a human hand is to know you are part of something beyond the physical boundaries of that which defines your physical body.

It is within your reach and it is just beyond your reach all in the same moment. You can see it. You can touch it. You can see through it. How? Be open to the possibilities to reach past all you have ever been taught from the days of your physical birth. Are you willing to walk your path, knowing you are truly a part of something, an energy that is not contained within the parameters of what is or is not in physical form?

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