Angels – Archangel Zerachiel Will Help You Trust the Process


As with all things, all experiences there are many facets providing you with several choices. Trusting that you are in alignment with all you seek, with all you desire is paramount as you travel the path before you.

Trusting the process sounds simple. It is simple. It is not always easy to implement because there are many distractions along the way both in front of you and also behind you. How can something that is now behind you distract you from moving forward?

Think about it for a moment. Do you relieve memories both positive and negative? How about conversations you wish you had or wish they had gone differently? Perhaps there is a situation that you feel may have had a different outcome if you had only done or not done something.

The truth is, there is no going backwards in time, not in linear time. You can go back to that moment, to that experience, to that conversation and re-frame it so that you heal, forgive and release you and all concerned.

If you are prone to worrying about what might or might not happen in the next hour, day, week, month or even the next year, how will you possibly be able to fully live what is happening in your life now?

How do you reach through the fear of not knowing what will happen or not happen? You breathe; you move forward one step at a time. You commit to you and your dreams. You face the horror of having to change something or many things in your life.

Do you actually, trust that all you have requested is being made manifest in to physical form? Or do you say you are working the process only to cast doubt, project fear and continue to harbor feelings of being unworthy of committing to taking action.

A Message from Archangel Zerachiel*

Trust the process this day and all days. All is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time. Appearances are perceptions veiled by that which have come before. Open you to all that awaits you with open arms, an open heart and mind; opening your Soul to the Creator of All That Is. Be aware of that which makes its presence known to you. Be aware of that which attempts to distract you from your path, from your life’s purpose. There are many choices before you. How do you choose wisely? Discernment is the key to all that lay before you this moment. Breathe deeply, listen, and be open to that which is gifted to you. In stepping forward upon the path, know all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time in accordance with your will for your Life’s Purpose and for your journey in the Earthly realm. There are no mistakes; things, people, places, experiences simply co-incide one with the other assisting you along the way. Breathe beloved child, for there is only love and light before you. There is only love and light which surrounds you. There is only love and light within you. Breathe. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Change is something many say they want yet feel paralyzed about tacking action. Here is something to consider. If you remain where you are, absolutely nothing changes. If you change nothing you are committing you to a life of not being where you want to be.

What are you willing to do to create change in your life today?

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