Spiritual Expansion – How You Do Energy Is How You Do Everything

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Energy is everything and everything is energy. Where you are right now is a direct reflection of how your energy is flowing or not flowing. Meaning if you are not satisfied, content and living your Life’s Purpose, you are experiencing energy blockages in one form or another.

If you are experiencing less than ideal relationships or lack financially, your energy is blocked. If you are experiencing health issues, your energy is blocked. If you are not happy, feeling joy and harmony most of the time, your energy is blocked. It is difficult to manifest all you desire and more when your energy centers, your thoughts and emotions are clogged with negativity.

So how do you go about unblocking your energy? There are many ways to cleanse, align and balance your energy. You can use crystals, align your Chakra energy centers, smudge your home or office. You can ask Archangel Michael to cleanse out all lower negative energy within you, your home, your office, your heart and your surroundings. Take cleansing baths, have energy healing sessions to repair tears in your Aura.

Blocked energy in any area of your life blocks energy in all areas of your life. Energy blockages cause you to have doubt, experience fear of lack, depression, loss of clarity, confusion and not being able to make a decision. It can and does cause you to be blocked from seeing and discerning your Life’s Purpose. If you already have an idea or already know what your Life’s Purpose is, how do you expect to live it fully if your energy is stagnant or out of balance?

Energy blockages also cause dis-harmony, dis-ease within which manifest into physical form in a variety of ways to include your money earning power and not being able to resolve issues within your relationships.

It is essential for you to understand, accept and become totally honest with yourself as to where you are right now this moment. Is your energy flowing easily, without effort and with grace and unconditional love? Or is it blocked, stagnant and out of balance?

Look around you, what do you see? Do you see clutter? Are your closets overstuffed with clothes, shoes and accessories you never use? Is your garage or storage room stacked full of things you don’t seem to get to or have not used in a very, very long time? Do you replay conversations or hold to experiences because you want the other person to know how hurt you were?

It is time to clear the clutter from your closets, from your living space and from your work space. How can you possible expect financial prosperity and abundance or your Soul Mate relationship to flow into your life if all there is no room for anything new? It is time to let go of things, people and experiences that are now behind you.

Think about this for a few moments. Your Life’s Purpose is directly connected to you and where you energy is focused. If you are focusing on everything except where you want to be, discovering and fulfilling your Life’s Purpose, how will you ever get from where you are to where you want to be.

How you do energy is how you do everything in every area of your life. Energy flows into, through and within you and all you touch, feel and experience. Energy is everything and everything is energy.

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