Angels – Angel Prince of the North Assists You with Clear Thinking

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Clear thinking occurs in those moments when you are at peace, however briefly your thoughts and your emotions are peaceful and in alignment with your inner-Self.

Being at peace with you is the key to being able to discern ego-mind chatter with that of Angels and Divine Source Energy or Spirit. All that is not of love and light will not resonate within you with grace and ease.

To think clearly it is essential to be well grounded. So how do you become or practice being well grounded? Breathe deeply, exhaling slowly. Relax your body and your mind. Be willing to step beyond your comfort zone. Practice forgiveness not just for what has occurred in your life in the past but also forgiving yourself for the mistakes you think you have made along the way.

A Message from the Angel Prince of the North*

In any given moment there are a multitude of thoughts in your mind, a multitude of emotions in your heart and in your body. Each thought, each emotion carries its own unique energy vibration. You always have free will to choose your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. In moments of turmoil and dis-harmony remember to breathe. For in breathing even for a moment, the body, mind and Spirit release all they carry. In the moment of each breath is the choice to choose differently. Choose to give thanks for your many blessings. Choose to reach for the next best thought, the next and the next. Choose to reach out to a trusted friend in moments when soothing yourself appears to be overwhelming. Choose to pivot your emotions; expressing gratitude for all that has come before this moment. Choose to give thanks for all that is before you. Clear your mind, releasing sorrow and pain clearing the way for more love and light to shine through you this day and the next and the next. Release thoughts from what is now behind you clearing your mind, your body and your Spirit for all that awaits you. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Thinking clearly is the ability to reach through fear and doubt enabling you to experience a knowing that messages and guidance you are receiving are coming from Angels and Spirit rather than from ego-mind chatter.

How will you know if what you are receiving is from Angels? An Angel will not ever ask you to do something that violates your boundaries or your sense of ethics and integrity. In other words, if it feels positive and loving, then an Angel or Spirit is guiding you. If there is any doubt, ask for clarification or to repeat the message in a way you will clearly understand and recognize.

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