Angels – Gazardiel Will Help You Illuminate Your Soul

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There is within your core essence a knowing that all is whole, complete and perfect. There is nothing you need to do or be when you accept your truth of wholeness. When you accept your truth, the truth that is of light and love, you experience connection with Divine Source at a much deeper level than ever before.

Are you ready to acknowledge the perfection that is your Soul? There is only light and love. There are only two emotions that of love and fear.  Emotions are positive or negative. Love is all inclusive. Fear is exclusive, creating doubt, confusion and limitation.

Angel Gazardiel, whose name means, The Illuminated One, will assist you with releasing self-doubt and confusion caused by thoughts of limitation. If you have thoughts of not being worthy or doubt your value, you will experience blockages in your energy and in your connection with Spirit. In truth there is no separation for we are always connected with Spirit, that which is Divine Source.

Allow you, your heart and Soul to bathe in the Light of the Creator illuminating your entire physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual energy bodies. As you accept the truth that you are whole, complete and perfect you radiate light at higher vibrations.

A Message from Gazardiel*

In the rays of the Sun there are no shadows all is bathed in warm energizing light. In the night, moonbeams illuminate the Soul. Whether it is day or night find your way focusing upon the light of the Moon, the bright yellow-orange rays of the Sun, your own inner guidance. Listen not to the small voice within your mind which seeks to cast doubt, to cast shadow. Are you willing to listen to your inner Self, the part of you which is free from distraction, free from doubt or fear? Take a moment breathe in the light of the Moon, feel the warmth of the Sun upon your skin. Face that which is before you this day. Be willing to see past surface appearances. Be aware of all that is before you. Be willing to acknowledge all that no longer serves your highest and best good. Be willing to see, to hear, to feel, to sense all that is truth your truth, allowing no other to include you to distract you from your path. Your path is not the path of another. In the accepting of another without condition, you also accept your Self without condition. Is it not possible there are others who also accept you as you are without condition? Go now, walk  the path before you in trust and in faith, knowing all is unfolding before you without condition.

There is no such thing as limitation or self-imposed conditions by which you are restricted from being whole and complete. There is only perfection from the viewpoint of Source Energy within each of us.

Be willing to open your heart, mind and Soul to your truth of a life without condition, without limitation.

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